Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back to my Granny Roots.

I have always said to the "Sporty One" that I would like to live in his brain for a day. I would love to know what goes on in there. To be fair it's not only his brain I would like to inhabit. Imagine being in Stephen Fry's brain or Kate Middletons mothers brain for a day right now! Well the list could be endless but the "Sporty One" thinks it a terrible idea. Not because of the secrets he is hiding or the thoughts he is contemplating but because he says I would be totally shocked that nothing is going on in there for most of the time. Now,I don't believe that for a moment but I do know we are as entirely different in our thought processes as we are to feelings about Marmite.

As I have got older I have really tried to work on things in my life. Over recent years I have been working on giving up needless worrying . Oscar Wilde says that 95% of the things you worry about will never happen or something like that. In the main I have had quite a lot of success. But that old enemy is often just waiting,lurking,ready to pounce. One of the things that has helped to stop that ridiculous four a.m manic worrying is contemplation and meditation. Yoga has helped so much.Breathing,visualising and emptying the brain a little at least.

Interestingly for me as the worry has subsided a quiet contemplation has grown. And the sweetest of this often manifests itself most apparently when I am crafting. I now think of it as a creative,growing,moving meditation. It fills me with joy and calmness. Luckily it just seems to happen.

I do not plan my thoughts but they are often full of memories.Memories of when I was a child holding up my arms whilst my Grandma unpicked and rewound balls of yarn. She always tucked her fingers in the growing ball as she wound so the wool was not over stretched. I still do it today. Soft squishy balls.

Woe betide me if I wriggled or dropped my arms, no matter how they ached.

Yesterday I was thinking about modern blanket making. I do love to buy yarn. Stylecraft,Debbie Bliss. Soft French yarn. I love making blankets where everything blends and tones .This one is tucked away in tissue for a special baby one day. The softest French Yarn, perfect for swaddling and cuddling.


And then I thought of the wonderful blanket we use all the time. A blanket which is perhaps 60 years old or more. A blanket worked by Grandma who would have no more brought French Yarn than eat snails!!!

It takes me back so far to those days where nothing was wasted. But even though every inch was worked with recycled yarn the love and care put into the making makes it perhaps even more special. It really is a work of art and great skill. It is big enough to cover a king size bed. What stories it could tell.

The individual squares are colourful and so beautifully knitted.

Little holes appearing that I should darn. Grandma taught me that skill too. But the joins are just amazing. So neat and precise and probably worked when light was not so bright as it is today. I think I almost love the joins the most. I would never have the patience for such sweet stitches.

It made me think about all my little balls of wool. They are tucked everywhere just waiting for some contemplation.

I started. Just using every double knit ball. No matter how small no matter what colour and to make it easier I wound and joined, wound and joined all the ends in to a big ball.


The best part is that it makes you want to keep hooking and hooking to see how far the yarn goes. To see what effect a particular colour has on the whole picture. Just quiet contemplative fun. No worrying at all. My goodness how it grew. To begin with I followed my normal pathway of blends and tones but it had to stop. No more soft lilacs. But I am loving this journey back to my Granny roots. And how clever of me to work one big Granny Square.No joins anywhere. I could never match all those beautiful tiny stitches.

So this riotous Lappycuddlyghan will make its way to the Nursing Home with the one I am finishing for Charlotte.

That one is growing too. I might have made some progress with the level of worrying in the brain of Chalky but I am definitely unable to stop the butterfly tendencies. Flitting from one project to another ....but I am not going to worry about that!!



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