Saturday, 6 July 2013

A little bit of this and that.

With Wimbledon in full swing it is good to have a crafting project that does not need a lot of thought. No counting,shaping or intricate patterns.

This evening I have tried to write a chatty post three times all about the comings and goings, the this and that's in my life at Chalky' s just now. Blogsy and I have fallen out! I am so patient but these little? Blips are seriously eating into my crafting time so I have made a collage to tell the story.


1. I knitted this little set using the last little bits of yellow yarn left over from the American blankets

I love the finish with knitted baby clothes. I have some soft grey and white left too so I think if I knit a set in each colour I will have all the posts covered as the happy parents do not know if it is going to be a little boy or girl.

I was so happy this morning when I popped the picture of this little set on Facebook a message came all the way from America saying they loved them. The nicest part was that they knew we were thinking of them.


2. I rarely use expensive yarn but when an email popped up from Black Shgep Wools with a half price sale and free postage how could I resist. Resist I did not. Luckily I did not have a project in mind so was happy just to click on the colours which took my fancy.

Since giving them a little cuddle I have a plan.. A definite blogging post soon.

3. Some more lovely yarn Ioanthe. Not my favourite so far, but we shall see.

4.Whilst blog hopping this week I saw this beautiful blanket ... Named Neopolitan Ice Cream and featured on fthe lovely blog Ladybird Diaries. Pop over and see the lovely things gong on there. I rarely knit big projects but this lovely blanket inspired me.

5. I turned for inspiration to my favourite blanket of all time. The lovely blues of the sky and the ocean.

6. So I have started little squares already. Perfect for busy times and a promise of such a pretty blanket.

7. The sweetest posy from the garden. Just a few snips and outdoor delights indoors.

8. The latest fill of the jam jar that lives on my work surface in the kitchen. £9.02 for the League of friends at the local hospital which looked after dear Iris so well.

9. Pure blue skies. Blessing us here and in the Mediterranean where our youngest daughter is working just now. Just lovely

So there we have it .. This and that's ... and this week I had a lovely comment from someone who has been following my crochet posts and after my last post about wandering around our nearby lanes she realised we lived about 2 miles away from each other. Wonderful.

I am going to blog about collages next. This one as saved my bacon this evening.



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