Friday, 28 June 2013

I wonder how many miles this blanket will travel?

We have returned from a lovely restful holiday in Spain. We had no internet connection as we are changing providers. At first I felt lost. I missed Facebook. I missed my emails and I missed my blogging a lot. I missed posting about my life and I missed following so many lovely blogs. I was a bit neurotic that my followers would desert me and I would return home to a much diminished blog.

Well, after a while I relaxed. I stopped worrying about contacts and the tooing and frooings of life online. I read. I cooked. I walked. I met with friends. I went to Yoga and a Solstace evening and of course I hooked away. I had managed to take the yarn I needed for a special project.

Two years ago we went to America to a wonderful wedding. My nephew was marrying his American love. The whole trip was amazing.

Well two years on they are still so happy and a new baby is due next month. I was so thrilled when a request came through for a crochet blanket. I asked for exact requirements. Colour, pattern and size. I wanted to buy really lovely yarn as his blanket was going to travel so far and maybe become a family heirloom. So I really splashed out and bought beautiful yarn and I have loved working every last stitch.

And here it is all finished. All that time in Spain was spent wisely. A big project completed. I would probably never have chosen those three colours but I love the way the way they work together.

And I had practiced the chevron pattern on my last blanket and loved it all over again.

The Jiggedy Jaggedy change in colours.

I counted how many stitches in this blanket and it was well over 8000 ... amazing and very satisfying as I tied it up to go on its way all the way across the ocean to America.

And while I was working all those stitches I thought a lot. I looked back and remembered my aunt who used to wash her hands all the time when she was knitting with white wool. So I did a lot of that. I remembered she used to lightly dust her hands with baby talcum powder when it was hot. So I did plenty of that. And I remembered that she always kept her work and the balls of wool she was using in a clean white pillow case so I did that too. And my blanket has stayed very clean and fresh just perfect for a new born baby.

As I was working I thought about my sister in law a lot too. She is so excited to be having her first Grandchild. I know how that feels. I could hardly wait for William to be born.
So, she is excited but also a little sad as this dear little baby is going to be a long way away living in America whilst she lives here in the UK.
 She will be a lovely Grandma wherever she is but I know she would love to be closer.

So I decided to make another blanket. A blanket just for her. A blanket for a special Grandma with a very special Grandchild. If she is feeling like a cuddle or singing a lullaby maybe she will be able to hold this blanket close. She will know that all those miles away another blanket made with the same soft yarn is being cuddled by the new special person who has come into their lives.

Granny squares seemed perfect.
So one blanket is going far and one is staying near.
Love has been stitched in both for them all.

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