Monday, 3 June 2013

A little break and lots of plans!

Thank you to my new followers and thank you to my "old" friends. Your presence in my little bit of Blogland makes life very sweet.

We are just off for a lovely break to enjoy a bit of Spanish life and we are in the middle of changing our Internet provider there. And with our "Spanglesh" that could take a while so sadly I may not be able to share pictures with you. Or more importantly keep up to date with all your inspiring posts.

I will however, have plenty of reflective time. A chance to think about what I want to craft next.

A gorgeous baby blanket is on the hook right now. If I won the lottery I would always crochet with very expensive yarn. As this blanket is going all the way to America for a very special first baby I just bought the best yarn I could and to work with it is just bliss. However, as I love to always have something on the go the pennies would soon run out if I did that very often. I actually want to make this blanket slowly and savour every stitch.

The postman brought a small parcel this morning. Button love again. I will definitely be thinking about these whilst I am away. I am going to get a little notebook and write down ideas and draw little plans. Already I have some ideas popping around in my head and I will share them as soon as I can.

Aren't they lovely?



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