Monday, 6 May 2013

You are never too old for a party .... bag ! Home made treats.

I have had two friends since my Chalky College days. We met in 1973 ... 40 years this year. They are older than me!!!! Just, I am the last to celebrate the big 60 and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate. We celebrated our own weddings, children arriving, grandchildren and just a lifetime of friendships and good times.

So as we party on at our house this weekend I want them to leave at the end of the celebrations with a little reminder of me and the biggest "Thank You" for friendships that really do mean the world to me.

So I found some brown paper sandwich bags. I love brown paper. And I am enjoying using a tattered vintage gardening book at the moment. Hearts, Flowers and buttons with snippets of gardening advice. Just collecting things that I hope they will like and that remind them of me.

And surprisingly I actually remembered to give one to each friend as they left.So,my memory is doing OK in my sixth decade so far!
Little spotty cupcake cases in three different sizes.

Add a vintage look notebook and tissue pack.

Tuck in a home made heart filled with dried Lavender from our garden.

A little swag bag of flower seeds with a button tag!

And, my favourite a little box expressing exactly the right sentiment.

Filled with my favourite buttons and ribbons.

  All gathered together and ready to pack!

Thank you also to all my lovely followers who have left such lovely comments now it is time to move on with a sixties spring in my step and leave all this celebrating behind!


  1. What lovely little gifts and I love the gift bags too, they look great.
    M x

  2. Hello Linda, I just discovered your lovely blog.. Happy 60th birthday. I wish you many more lovely birthday.. How wonderful to share your special day with wonderful Friends.. The gift bag was awesome with all those wee treasure in them.. I especially like the Heart filled with Lavender from your garden.. Very lovely indeed. I am your newest follower... Have a great week. Hugs Judy

  3. Your friends will be delighted to receive the lovely gift bags - very thoughtful gifts - and you remembered to hand them out lol xx

  4. So cute, Linda. I am sure they will love the bags. You put a lot of thought and creativity into them!

  5. What a nice friend you are! Did I spy sea glass on the table? I was playing with mine today. Kinda nice to know we're of similar ages! We're off to having dinner with our kids and grands to celebrate both our son's birthdays! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi There,Wonderful to have friends like that!!!!And such lovely goodies-love the magazine idea!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

  7. Thank you all so much. My friends loved their quirky bags.


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