Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Update about Triangular Bunting and a coincidence.


Anyone who has a little bit of hooky love and follows blogs will have undoubtedly heard about Lucy in Attic 24. Her work is both inspirational and enchanting. The generosity she displays on her blog has quite rightly made her one to aspire too. She shares ideas,tutorials and lovely happy things in her world in the Attic and beyond.

So this morning when I was checking my blog list I clicked on Attic 24, and, lo and behold Lucy was blogging about triangular bunting and I, of course was really interested in her post.You can read about her post here---

Now, as I read I really stopped and considered my attitude to blocking. Am I always in a rush? Am I always looking towards starting a new project? Am I lazy?
Well, I have no need to rush now I am retired. Yes, I am always keen to start a new project. In fact I have a queue in my head! And, I think I can be lazy.... maybe more accurately a bit slapdash.

Anyway when I looked at Lucy's blocked triangles I thought I must give it a go. Wow! What a difference. I now have pointy corners and so much smarter triangles.

So, this is an update on my triangular bunting.

 If you want to make some maybe you could pop over to Lucy's blog as she is "calling" for help just now with this very thing.... Triangles.

Oh, and here is mine. All pointy and smart. This string is on it's way to someone to give them a lovely surprise.

So, will you give blocking a chance?

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