Thursday, 30 May 2013

Clearing the decks.. Tah Diddly Dah Dah! A chevron pattern for you.

We leave for a holiday to Spain on Monday but before we go we are making a flying visit to see William. These visits are becoming very precious as my son, his wife and William leave for Dubai in August. So, it's definitely cram the memory banks full of special times just now.

He is growing so fast... And definitely more delicious every time we visit. Lookat the concentration on this little face.

I love to clear the decks before we go on holiday. Tick the list and sort the stuff. Usually of the woolly variety. I am lucky enough to actually have met Anne from my Charity Knitting Thread and a real friendship has developed between us. We met today for a brunch and exchanged blankety loveliness.

I said goodbye to nine blankets I have been working on for Mrs Twins and her wonderful charity group SIBOL. In exchange Anne brought me a bag full of knitted squares for the next blankets to be assembled. At least the bag I gave was heavier that the one I collected. So goodbye to a pile of blankets and how lovely to think they will be of comfort to an elderly person soon.


Then it was time to finish a blanket I started ages ago for an expected great niece or nephew. Well, I failed on that delivery. Baby has been welcomed with woolly loveliness but not the planned blanket. It has been in the cupboard of doom under the stairs. But, no more!

It is finished. I used King Cole smooth DK. Quite a pricey yarn at £3.80 for 100 grams. It is smooth,soft and cuddly. Maybe a little heavier than other double knits but it gives a lovely finish with a shimmering sheen.

Too late for the baby maybe .. But maybe it's a blanket that can stay with us. Just perfect for cuddling and snuggling under.

Not a ripple but a chevron. A little sharper. More jiddedy jaggedly. Soothing to hook.

All finished with a border worked in rows of half trebles and a whisper of single crochet and picot edging.


Folded and finished. Decks all cleared and I know one thing. Little William will not be needing a cuddly blanket in Dubai.


If you would like to make a blanket like this here is how I hooked it.

Using a 4.00 hook work 163 chain.

It may help if I explain treble 3 together .... (Yarn over hook,insert hook into next stitch,yarn over hook and draw through, 2 loops on hook)3 times.yarn over hook and draw through all 4 loops on hook.

1st Foundation row... 1 treble in 4th chain from hook.( this counts as 2 trebles) 1 treble in each of next 8 chain.( treble 3 together,1 treble in each of next 10 chain,2chain,1 treble in each of next 10 chain). 6 times,treble 3 together,1 treble in each of next 10 chain,turn.

Pattern row. 3 chain( counts as 1 treble) 1 treble in each of first 9 stitches, ( treble 3 together, 1 treble in each of next 9 trebles,work 1 treble,2 chain and 1 treble in the 2 chain space, 1 treble in each of next 9 trebles) 6 times. 1 treble in each of next 8 treble,Finish the row with 2 trebles in top of 3 chain.

NB it is these final 2 trebles in the 3 chain space that keeps your work straight. Once you have mastered this and remember it every time you finish a row you will have a perfect straight edge.

Work as many of these pattern rows as you want. Changing colours and having fun.

I finished the edge of the blanket with 5 rows of soft blue worked in half trebles . And as a finishing touch 1 row of single crochet and then a picot edging worked like this. 4 single crochet,5 chain, 4 single crochet. Pretty little loops to add the final touch.

So, my Giveaway is on its way. I have finished my blankets. Cuddling to do and a special Thank You to all my lovely followers for making my day with your lovely blogs and the kind comments you leave here at Chalky's


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