Friday, 17 May 2013

A New Day and Thank You .....

Thank you so much for all your kind comments about my bug!
I certainly seemed to bring lots of happy generational memories back with my " Button Love"post.
How I wish I could wander back through time and collect the buttons of dreams and wooden cotton reels of my memories.

Well. I had a bad night. I even disturbed the " Sporty One " but when I awoke this morning to see the Spring sunshine peeping through the crack in my curtains I realised I felt better. Those razor blades in my throat were blunter.

I missed an early morning walk through the lanes but I was so glad I felt better as I was so looking forward to two events starred in my calendar for the next few days.

One of my 60th birthday presents was a photography course, given by my much loved other half.
Hannahs at Seale Hayne runs photography courses and I had commented ages ago that I would love to go on one.

I so admire beautiful photography everywhere and some of my favourite blogs have images which entrance me.
Well, sadly the courses at Hannahs were not well attended and they decided not to run anymore. But, we had a card and in great secrecy a course just for me was arranged and this morning I met my tutor for the first time. I wanted him to come to my house,to see my surroundings, my space if you like. Luckily he does not live far away and was happy to oblige. I was nervous. I was excited and I was so happy to think I might move my photography to a new level. I might indeed begin to understand some of the functions on my camera!

It was wonderful. I loved every minute. And this kind man would not charge a single penny for this first visit .We chatted and got to know each other for nearly two hours. How wonderful was that.

Here are just a few of his photos.

And you can read about him here or have a look at some more photos that he has taken from around the world.

Well, I am seeing him again in a few weeks and now just have to take my camera and enjoy it --- how easy is that!
Given full permission to wander around the countryside near me and snap away.
I wonder if,in the passage of time my lovely followers will notice any difference in my photos.

I promise to pass tips on.
One interesting comment this morning was " Just remember your camera does not "see" exactly the same image as you.
I had never thought of it like that.

Thank you again for all your kind support.
And talking of photography.... my goodness it is easy to spend hours looking at all the lovely images on Pinterest. 
My head is buzzing ---- in a nice way.


  1. So glad you're feeling better. Lucky you to have your own private photography tutor! I'll be expecting some stunning pics on you blog in future!

    1. Ha,ha ... I think you are aware of some of my techie blind spots. But I loved meeting someone so creative.

  2. Hello Linda
    glad to hear you are beginning to feel a little better.Sounds like you had a very strong virus there if it attacked your throat so severely. It shouldn't be ignored and you shouldn't worry about bothering the doctor. Its a good thing you did though. I have had first hand experience of this as my daughter had throat trouble and brushed off going to the doctor and the next thing we know she is being rushed to hospital as she couldn't breathe and immediately had to have her throat scrapped due to the infection and stay in for 48 hours. Very scary!!! are on the mend which is good.

    What a lovely birthday gift!!! and how considerate that you have a one to one course with the tutor...that's a big bonus.

    These photos are fabulous!!! I shall be looking out to see if I see any changes in your photos from now on then :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you so much for popping in and your kind comments really do mean a lot to me.
      Yes, Kens photos are amazing. We will see if mine begin to come up a not h xx

  3. Glad to hear you're a little better, your tutor's photos are stunning and what a lovely gift to be arranged for you. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    1. Hi Jay. Thank you for that . Yes, I am thrilled with such a present. One I can really "use". I will remember to pop tips on my blog posts

  4. Looking forward to seeing your photo's once you become expert Linda :) I would love to learn how to take good photo's, do you need a special camera? I hope you have fun with your lessons and continue to get better xx

    1. Thank you so much Linda. I promise to put tips on as I learn.
      I do already have a SLR camera . It is a Canon G8. He considered this good enough for a photographer to take professional pictures with.... A long way to go to aspire to that. I also have a compact Ixus which I always carry in my pocket or handbag. At least that means I do not need to buy any new equipment

  5. Hi There,What a lovely gift!!!Lucky you!!!Who knew the simple garlic looked so interesting?!!Glad you're feeling better!!!Have a super weekend!!!

    1. I know -- that picture of the garlic is amazing. Thanks for your kind wishes

  6. Sounds like you've already begun to enjoy your wonderful present! i hope it brings you much joy. Glad you're up and about and feeling a bit better. Hope you're 100% real soon.

  7. Thanks Suz--- The sun is shining and that always makes everything seem brighter
    Love Linda


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