Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Beautiful Weekend and a final Goodbye.

It was a really stunning weekend. That really does make a wonderful change for a British Bank Holiday. The sun gently shone. The breeze softly blew and I had some quiet times waiting for the family to arrive.

Time to arrange flowers. Time to just gently meander through the things I enjoy. Walking in the lanes in our village. Picking wild flowers, Laying tables and filling pots with loveliness. Listening to nostalgic songs on the Ipad. Time to reflect.

Everyone is arriving to say a final farewell to my Dear Mother In Law. I have blogged about her often and was especially touched when such kind comments were left on my posts about her after she died in January.

Of course the time passes and an acceptance grows. She was our last remaining parent.
My dear " Sporty One" and I are now at the top of that Generational ladder. Sometimes you want to stand at the top of that ladder and shout for joy,wave a flag in celebration to let the world know of a special family celebration. But sometimes it feels cold, sometimes it feels a little rocky and unstable. Sometimes you need someone to just give you a guiding word or the softest hug. And of course parents can offer reassurance like no other. How wonderful if you could just have them back for a day. A tea party with best cups and lemon meringue pie ... all the favourites.

Accepting the loss of your parents makes you wonder how often they felt just like that. Of course you saw their joy when wonderful things happened, but how often did they feel a witness to the worries which being a parent can bring. How wonderful they all were to keep their concerns quietly to themselves. How loving to witness,encourage,sympathise and empathise all without judgement as we made our way through life.

Of course like all children we never took enough time to tell them how much we loved them all. But, luckily we are a close family and we all lived in the same village about six hundred yards apart. Now they are all at peace in the village churchyard. All reunited as they wanted to be.
My parents by the church gate

 And my parents in law under the shade of the big apple tree overhanging the church wall.

So we will all say goodbye and remember with thanks the legacy they have all left and remember the special times. Most importantly of all try to follow the pathway of life they lovingly trod.

Indeed Rest In Peace and love .

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