Thursday, 23 May 2013

200 !!!!! Lovely followers. Time for a Chalky Giveaway

Thank you so much to all the lovely people in Blogand who have decided to follow a little bit of life here at Chalky's.

I have been asked where the Chalky comes from. Am I grey haired? Do I like chalk drawings.

No the "sporty one " and I met in 1973 at Weymouth Teachers Training College and one of my lectures at college at that time involved being able to write neatly on a chalkboard. Measured lines,round letters and clear ascenders and descenders. A lot of practice was involved and he used to watch me writing with chalk on a small board. Hence Chalky!

So, now down to business. My blog has developed gently,quietly and as far as I am concerned lovingly. I often get stuck on numbers... I was on 35 followers for eons. Now I have reached the magical number 200 so I would like to organise a Giveaway. I love collecting and wrapping presents so I will have great fun

No rules. Just leave a comment and I will draw a number. If you ave a nickname you could always share it with us all. But most of all just join in the fun. Can I bear not to blog for a few days whilst you join in. Of course I shall be busy wrapping special parcels.

We are off to Spain for a few weeks on the 3rd of June so I would like to get the goodies sent off by then. So lets see how we go.



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