Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kindness makes the world go around! And I have been so lucky this week.

I often forget what people say. But I rarely forget how people make me feel. This week I have felt quite overwhelmed by a kindness I will never forget. I seem to have been so lucky lately. The lovely parcel from Japan not so long ago.

I can now fold a mean origami crane and I am still enjoying simply looking at all the lovely things Tomoko sent me. An act of such kindness.

Last week another parcel arrived from a friend in France. I am proud to call her a friend even though we have never met. She is a member of the Charity Knitting thread I belong to. I was " talking" online about William. No surprise there! Soon he has to fly a long way to Dubai. I never flew with my children when they were very small and I think it is a pretty difficult thing for both little one and mum and Dad. This lovely lady offered to make him a Quiet Book. I had vaguely heard of them and was thrilled with such a kind offer.

Now, I happily sent some little things which I thought might help. I love visiting the ribbon shop in Spain and I love making up parcels of goodies. But, I had no idea that these few things would be added to, embellished and turned into something as wonderful as this Quiet Book for William.

I have been waiting for a sunny day to take the pictures and I think you will love it as  much as I do.

A Quiet Book for William
As the song by Rod goes "Every Picture Tells A Story" and it certainly does.
 A lovely bag with his initials.

And open it up to start the treat. Soft squashy and bursting with beautiful pages.

A dedication to William which I believe will make this book a heirloom.

Each page has not only the most wonderful artistry but also a focus to help with his development. Gentle,sweet,encouraging,fun, just perfect.
Let the fun begin.
Page one features a pelican fishing. The little fish hook on the line.
Can you imagine my excitement when I saw this page. I knew William and I were in for a treat.

Page Two. A happy tortoise with poppers on its shell. Hidden is a sweet little heart.

Page three has a crocodile. Open the zip and he has an enormous tongue. Just perfect for licking ice cream.

Page four has a giraffe with a lovely long neck. Tying his bows makes him look so smart.

I think you can see now how marvellous this book is. The choice of embellishments is just perfect.
On page five we meet Katie the kangaroo. Undo her buckle and there is bay Joey tucked inside waiting to hop out.
I think maybe this is my favourite page, the amount of work and detail is amazing.

Page six features a bear and a catchers mitt with laces.

The loveliness goes on and on and on page seven we have an exercising elephant who has to button up his roller skates. And what sweet buttons!

I think page eight will be Williams favourite. He loves to roar just like a lion. The tassels make such a great mane! And his tail so beautifully plaited.

Now of course everything has to come to an end but what a finish. A Hippopotamus driving a bus. Undo the buttons to find his tongue.

Now William's mummy is marvellous at sewing and makes wonderful clothes. Brides dresses and special commissions. When she saw this book for William she was absolutely delighted and spent ages looking at all the details and finishing touches. I am so glad it is going to someone who knows how much love has been tucked inside.
William has not seen it yet. I wanted to keep it for a while. There is so much I want to look at slowly and enjoy.
I want it to be fresh and new for his journey and for him to know as he starts such an adventure with his mummy and daddy that not only do we love him very much but also that the world has some exceptionally kind people in it. This Quiet Book was made by one wonderfully kind person just for him,


  1. Wow, thank you for showing us the lovely book, what a work of art. I'm sure William will treasure it - what a marvellous feed for his imagination.
    Well done to the creator, isnt she magic, lol.

    Pam xx

  2. It's amazing Linda!, how thoughtful, I'm sure little William will love it and it will keep him entertained for ages :)

  3. It's wonderful! I am sure William will love it. What a treasure. My mother-in-law made something similar for our son when he was a toddler and now both children have enjoyed it very much.

  4. Hi There, Isn't that just wonderful!!! There really are some amazingly gifted and talented people out there!!! A book that would surely last generations!!!

  5. That book is incredible! So much love and care in each page. I am sure he will treasure it. x

  6. What a gorgeous little book. All the little details are fabulous. I'm sure your grandson will love it as much as you!

    Leanne xx

  7. That book is an absolutely delight. Wow! I think it will keep William busy and happy for quite some time. I can't imagine what it looks like up close but from here the detail is incredible. The alligator tongue made me smile! So funny! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. What a lovely book, a gift to be treasured and kept forever
    Angie x

  9. What a delightful book! The love and hours that have gone into making it make it even more special. I'm sure William will love it :) x

  10. what a beautiful book...and a beautiful lady 2ho made it!x

  11. What a wonderful book for William to love! And what a special lady to have created it for you!

  12. That is the most amazing book, wow! How my children would have loved that when they were small, I'm sure William will be over the moon.

  13. Seeing this beautiful book and reading your words has brought a tear to my eye Linda, William will have a wonderful time exploring his quiet book in it's own little bag. The lady who made it is special and very talented.

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  15. Such a gorgeous book, great imagination and skill!

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