Monday, 1 April 2013

A Little Idea concerning a Pea and some Mattresses

Firstly Thank You all so much for all your encouraging comments of late and it is lovely to welcome some new followers. Please pop in often.
A while ago I made these little blankets.Crochet squares using a variety of stitches. A really good stash busting exercise!

 I had an idea in my head. I thought of the story about the Princess and the Pea. A story about an old fashioned princess who is so sensitive she can feel a pea under piles of feather mattresses and quilts. Because of her princessy ways she is deemed fit to marry a prince and they lived,of course happily ever after. I am not usually too worried about Fairy Stories,certainly not too worried about Enid Blyton and I believe every child should be brought up surrounded by Nursery Rhymes,songs,stories,poetry and literature of every kind. Lucky the little one who is brought up this way.

So what was my hesitation about the little plan in my head. I dislike some of the so called modern "stars" who act in a totally princessy way. I dislike the thought that any little girl should think that the pathway to living happily ever after should rely on her being sensitive enough to feel a pea under 20 feather mattresses and to marry a prince paves her way to happiness.

So I will read the story of the Princess and other Fairy Stories to our Grandchildren. Added to that I will  share non-fiction and every other genre at hand. But, what of all those little blankets. I have been doing a little procrastinating.Avoiding meeting with the BIG Elmer blanket again. So I thought about little coverlets for the beds.These have turned out so well.

Then I had a Eureka moment. I was so impressed by the amazing amount of money raised for Comic Relief by the Crafty folk.They made dolls and lovely things to make a child's dream come true. Blankets by Lucy. Clothes by Little Cotton Rabbits and books to name but a few.

So I am going to find a way to make a little bed. The "Sporty One" could be called in to help with that bit. That is definitely Princessy. I blame my Mum! Then I am going to buy and make clothes for a doll. And to top the little set together I am going to add a blanket and most importantly a book. I have the exact idea in my head.

 At the moment I am only at the blanket and quilt stage plus a few dolly hats.
 Hannah's lovely shop window will be the perfect place for this little plan.
I did finish the turtle for our daughter in the Bahamas and he does look infinitely better with legs!

And last of all I am just saying Hasta Luego for about two weeks. We are off on holiday with William.
His first flight and he is all packed and ready.


  1. Beautiful and sweet makes.

  2. Looking really pretty! Have a wonderful trip. :)

  3. Great idea the blankets are looking lovely - have a brilliant holiday with William & co xx

  4. Glad to see William is ready to go!!
    The Princess and the Pea was always one of my favourite fairy tales!

  5. Cute blankets! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with William!

  6. Hi Linda - they have inexpensive wooden doll beds in Ikea. From memory they are about 14 inches long. Its probably cheaper than making them from scratch. Lily. xxx ps according to my husband I AM the princess as I am so fussy about comfort!!

  7. Oh my goodness.. you are amazingly prolific! Good job! I adored the photo of William all set to go! Cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hi There, What wonderful little treasures!! William is soooo adorable!!!

  9. Thank you all so much for such sweet comments about William and my plan!


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