Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tutorial for a hexagonal ball. The sweetest of toys!

Before anything else I really want to say " Thank You" to the lovely people who are popping in and leaving such encouraging comments. It really does brighten my days.

I am still finding blogging a challenge on my IPad. For everything else it is fairly amazing .... But when I want to write a tutorial it is so annoying that it posts the pictures in any order it feels like.
It reminds me of my mind when I am awake in the night. Thoughts jumping about all over the place with no particular order or reason.

So I hope this one makes sense!
Hexagonal lovelies for a special ball

I have been hooking away from my lovely Granny Squares,changing shape,changing course. And I thought you might like to add a sweet soft toy to the toy box. Or maybe add it to a baby's welcome to the world gift.

So here we go ...

Chain 3 and slip stitch to make a loop.
Working out of this loop continue as follows.

Row1. Chain 2 ( this represents your first half treble) work 11 more half trebles into the loop making 12 in total. Change colour.

Row2. Chain 2 and work 1 more half treble in the same space. This represents your first cluster of 2 half trebles.Continue the round in this way working 2 half trebles in every space from row 1. You will have a total of 24 half trebles. Change colour.

Row 3. Work in exactly the same way as row 2 with your new colour.(24 half trebles) Change colour.

Row4. Chain 2 and work 2 more half trebles in the same space. Continue working 3 half trebles in every space from row 3. (36half trebles)Change colour.

Row 5. The hexagonal forming row. Work as follows. Chain 2 work 2 more trebles in same space,1chain,3half trebles. This has formed the first corner in your hexagon. In next space work 3 half trebles. You are coming to the second corner of your hexagon work 3 half trebles,1chain,
3 half trebles. Continue working in this way all around until you have formed 6 corners with a cluster of 3 half trebles in between.

Work 8 hexagons in this way. And then the fun begins. I love sewing these lovely hexagons together. The first 7 hexagons make the prettiest flower shape. Add one more flower to one of the sides of a hexagon and then fold and sew to make a flat hexagon. You can see this process clearly in the purple hexagon picture. Leave one seam open to allow you to stuff the ball as firmly as you wish. I like to add a little bell al this point. Sew the last seam to make everything complete and secure(especially the bell) and there you have it. The possibilities are endless. Colours, bright or pastel. Size by changing stitch or the amount of initial rows in your hexagon.

I hope you make one or two and if there is anything you need to know please just ask.

My tutorials will become a little clearer when we reach home and my big cumbersome but ordered computer. Bear with me until then!


  1. Oh they are so sweet!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment.

  2. They are lovely! Thank you for the tutorial. I blog using an I pad and use the app blogsy - it has made things so much easier for me!
    M xxxx

  3. Thank you so much for popping in. I will try Blogsy next.hope you make a ball soon.

  4. What a useful tutorial, thank you. Wondering if I could make some large hexies to make a pouffe? xx

  5. lovely!im still getting my head around crochet but i think ill give this a go! mezz.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other day - so happy to have found yours! I'm a bit obsessed with crochet too (and knitting!) and I quite envy the time you have to spend on your hobbies. With my house still full of littlies I only get to craft between the hours of 8pm and midnight :-) Lovely tutorial - you've inspired me to make something for my little lad :-) And Spain - how exotic!! Mel x

  7. I like these Linda don't know how I missed them before, they could be used as pin cushions too and look very pretty in their own right.:)

  8. Your hexagon balls look great! Thank you for the tutorial :)

  9. I am going to print this out to save for the future!


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