Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Blessings of a Mistaken Identity!

Surprises,kindness and generosity.

Firstly a really huge welcome to my new followers. It is lovely to see you here at Chalky's. I am looking forward to 200 notches on the old Crochet hook because that must surely signal the time for a Giveaway! I think so.

I have often talked here of the many kindnesses I have been shown since I started my life at Chalky's and on Facebook and this week has made me realise just how kind and generous people can be.

In Spain I met a lovely Japanese lady called Tomoko. She lives there for part of the year,In the UK for part of the year but also spends a couple of months each year visiting her family in Japan.After being at a Yoga lunch with her I had a request on Facebook from Tomoko to be my friend. I was delighted to accept.

After a while I saw beautiful pictures of her family and two boys and I thought maybe her children lived with their Grandparents and that was why she went home. Then I saw her visiting temples and wonderful parks and yet I thought she was at that time in Spain. I was a bit puzzled but really felt I did not know her well enough to ask any questions. She often " liked " my Craft photos and left very encouraging comments about our travels.

Of course the obvious happened I was in Spain one day and had met Tomoko and that same evening Tomoko had also posted pictures of her and her children having a party in Japan. I wrote to her in Japan and explained the puzzle of Tomoko. Tomoko immediately answered and explained that she was indeed in Japan and had never been to Spain or indeed Europe! She was actually a friend of the guide we had been fortunate enough to have had when we visited Tokyo and had found me through him. She loves crochet and had seen my pictures. We laughed at the situation and a real " friendship" has developed between us.

I have seen some lovely Pinterest pictures using Washi paper. I asked Tomoko about it and today this wonderful parcel arrived from Tomoko in Japan. I was so excited to open it and it just got better and better. Such kindness,such thoughtfulness,such generosity. I really feel quite humbled that someone whom I have never met could send such a parcel.

First to tumble out was some beautiful Mulberry Paper.

Next six packets of Japanes papers. I love these so much and use them for my card making .

Some lovely phone charms.

Stickers for cards and labels.

Two hanging pictures. I am going to do some research into these characters. All these beautiful things just make me want to go back to Japan again.


Then really sweet things started . Items which were made with much love and kindness.

A Samurai Warriors helmet made for William.

With lots more paper to make some more!
William was also sent a little parcel all of his own. Such a pretty little bag and a letter just for him. Written in beautiful English and such sweet presents all about the new high speed train in Japan. I think these tissues are too special to use on a runny nose or sticky face!

I had "spoken"to Tomoko about origami and she had remembered all about it and sent not only cranes, little sweet boxes, Samuri helmets but also pretty Iris. How fitting as we have so recently lost our dear Iris.Now that would have been amazing enough but she also sent an envelope with clear instructions for me to make cranes myself. What lovely thoughts all linked together. Some of those pretty papers will be used to make a little family of cranes. I bet mine do not look as good though!

And believe it or not there tucked in were four rolls of Washi paper. The original enquiry had been about this lovely paper.

I read the lovely card that Tomoko had written to me and really feel that I will never be able to thank her enough for such an act of kindness.

But when we were in Japan I soon learnt the word for Thank You as we were treated with such kindness. So, Arigatiu gozimasu to Tomoko, Kodai and Keita

But, you can imagine what I am going to do. Make up a parcel for Tomoko and her lovely boys and send it off with lots of love to Japan. Also when I get back to Spain I shall be telling my other Tomoko all about her namesake.

But, when I asked her if I could send a parcel to her and her boys aged 4 and 10 which would give her a little insight into our life here in the UK. Tomoko answered that as she had never been to the UK or Europe she would not know what to ask for. So I am thinking really hard. I so want to make a parcel for her as special as the one she so kindle sent me. I know that I will not be opening or using any of the little gifts yet. There is something so special about just re-opening a parcel and just enjoying such wonderful things.

My hook is smoking! My brain is ticking. Perhaps,if you are kind enough to leave a comment you could make a suggestion of something I could add to the parcel.




  1. WOW! What a lovely package! So many beautiful things and a chance for you to create more. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello Linda
    What amazing gifts and more so from someone you have never met in person. This is what I continue to be amazed about through all the time that I've been blogging that I keep meeting some fantastically NICE people. I love it!

    many thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments on my post.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. It is so exciting to meet and enjoy others with common creative interests, isn't it, Linda! Thanks for posting about your new friendship. My husband spent 6 weeks in Japan working for IBM and he came home laden with lovely gifts. Giving such gifts is a wonderful part of their culture. Some ideas for what you could send: a crocheted basket full of treasures like hearts and eggs, tea cup cozies made for Japanese shaped tea cups, and dishcloths/hotmats, English and Spanish stickers.... Joy!!!
    xx, Gracie

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  5. What a wonderful surprise, Linda. Such generosity and kindness.

    Leanne xx

  6. What a treasure trove! I'm sure you'll think of wonderful things for the boys.

  7. AWE how wonderful with such young boys I myself am mezmerized by your teddy bears in you main picture I think that would be quite sweet.

  8. What beautiful treasures Linda, I'm sure she will love anything that you decide to send to her, I suppose it depends on how old her boys are, but I love the little tiny Teds we make for LH and maybe something delicate and flowery for her. I'm dying to see what you decide. :)

  9. What a wonderful story, I hope your friendship goes on, maybe you'll meet each other some day? I always love books as gifts, maybe something traditionally English for her boys, a football/train picture book. She'd obviously love something you've made yourself too. Good luck and keep us posted!

  10. Linda, wow that parcel was truly beautiful - what a lovely lady - as for what to send a 4 and 10 year old well DS loved and still does stickers, paper and pens - english items I always think T bags! truly english but Japanese like tea too - the boys are saying stamps, picture of the Queen anything with Union Jack on and yes I agree football or trains - DS has just said Rupert Bear, Paddington ...... oh dear the list is really long here! and one last thing from me anything to do with the seaside and your lovely area of the country - Cant wait to hear the next instalment xxx

  11. What wonderful gifts and how kind of Tomoko!
    I never find it easy to choose gifts for friends abroad that represent the UK - anything with a union jack seems popular also images of the Queen! I have no idea what is 'in' with British children at the moment but I'm sure someone will! Anything handmade always goes down well - how about a purse/tote bag??

  12. Thank you all for such encouraging comments. How great it would be if postage weight was not an issue. Some lovely ideas here though. Parcel almost ready to be sent!

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