Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring in Devonshire.

This little dormouse was up early this morning. And when I pulled the curtains Spring had arrived albeit just for a morning if the weather forecast is anything to go by.
Yesterday I went out for a little wander around the village and Spring is definitely arriving.

This is the view from our bedroom window.We have lived in our little village for over 25 years and the sight of new born lambs fills me with joy every year.

And whilst out pootling .... little treasures that make Spring in England so beautiful.

Also the lovely blogs that I am lucky enough to visit are ablaze with beautiful Spring and Easter ideas. Have a look here at the lovely blog by Teresa.
Her Easter post is inspiring. I am dying to try these lovely crochet eggs.

Pop over and see her lovely post and her wonderful decorations.

There are also some gorgeous ones at Greedy for Colour's lovely blog.

Now being the impatient crafty person I am late last night I decided to try to make one. Another big mistake. It is fine...ish but the size of a small bantams egg! Not big enough to go in an egg box!

I am busy getting ready to take my next bundle of goodies to Hannah's.I am sure Teresa nor Kate will mind if I copy their lovely idea and patterns for such a wonderful cause. If you are visiting Devonshire over Easter I would recommend a visit. Everything is truly inspirational.

So whilst I am thinking about Easter and Spring I must get my little tree out and get the house ready. These little windmills look so pretty. William loved them last summer and he is coming for a visit soon so I must get busy.

POSTSCRIPT -- To being a clicky idiot. The lovely newish blog that I though I had lost,about a family in St Ives popped up this morning. That has made my day. Perhaps you would like to see some gorgeous photos of one of my favourite places. Leanne's photos are lovely.
Here is just a taster -- Lovely St Ives


  1. A lovely cheerful post, Linda! I really hope it encourages spring to get going properly! I'm tired of cold and wet!

    1. Hi Janet
      I am so glad they cheered you up. Thanks for popping in.
      How are the puppets coming on?Great I bet.
      Love Linda

  2. I love your pictures, they're so cheerful. I would love to visit there some day. When I was a teenager, I had a penpal who lived in Devon and I always wished I could spend some time there. I love Leanne's blog too! I also want to go where she is!

    1. Hi Jennifer. One of my favourite names. I hope you come to Devon one day. You could come for a Cream Tea! I have actually met a few internet " friends" and although it was a little nervewracking to begin with they were absolutely lovely. Just as I imagined them to be... Actually even lovelier.
      I LOVE St Ives too x

  3. You live in such a lovely part of England Linda, how lovely to see lambs out of your bedroom window! It's freezing here and snowy no sign of spring yet but I live in hope :)

    1. Hi my namesake!
      Thank you. Yes I was born in Devon and have lived here nearly all my life.. only a little foray to Dorset which was lovely too!
      Hope Spring comes soon x

  4. Good afternoon Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Your Blog is full of Spring colour today!
    Lovely. That's what we need colour in our gardens.
    Been a long winter.....
    Great eggs arent' they? Wonderful ideas here.
    Love Suex

    1. Hi Sue. Lovely to see you. Thanks for popping in . You are as busy as ever with your wonderful squares. Wonderful. Love Linda

  5. Hi Linda.. how fun it was for me to see your lambs.. and then see my eggs.. sweet! Are you going to show us your egg? It's so neat to have a project that can be done so quickly. Are the lambs yours? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Well Teresa I would not be able to take a picture of mine with a comparable egg unless I went raiding nests in the garden!!!!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures. The lambs belong to our neighbours. She has three fields. 1 as a Nursery, 1 a kindergarten and 1 for them as they become independent. I hate that bit as the ewes bleat so pitifully to begin with.
    Love Linda

  7. i am completely and utterly jealous.what a beautuful corner of the world u live in! i love those crochet eggs,think i might give them a try.

    thanks! mezz.

  8. Oh my - what glorious pictures...I think Spring has definitely sprung!

    Nina x

  9. I've just been catching up with your posts, for some reason I had missed the last few. A view of new born lambs is a fab view to open your curtains to.

  10. Oh my goodness. I am blushing as I type!!

    Thank you for your kind words and recommendation.

    And what a lovely sight to wake up to - Spring lambs. I can see Godrevy and St Ives Bay from my window. It stops me in my tracks every day.

    Leanne xx

  11. Oh what a charming view! I'm right in town and see houses from every window. My dream is to move to a semi rural area with a bit of a view when we retire. (Or even sooner!)


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