Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pretty Spots!

The whole of Blogland is alive with pretty spots. Flowers, Easter Trees, and just the most beautiful little pictures that to my mind make up what the world is about. Not big things,not expensive things but just folk making their spaces in the world special.
We have got visitors coming this weekend from Scotland. It is still snowing there. Winter still abounds. So I thought they would love to spend time surrounded by pretty spots.Spring like corners that make you feel that the equinox is really here.
Sadly, we shall also be very busy emptying my dear Mother In Laws house. But, maybe that makes it even more important to have these little touches in our home. A reminder that although times pass new adventures are around the corner. I do hope it helps us think like that.

I dashed out into the garden between the showers and there hiding their pretty faces were these pretty blooms just waiting to come inside and make such pretty spots.

And a lovely bunch of tulips waiting to come into bloom from the shop this morning.

I have got some lovely vintage things to blog about from my late Mother In Laws house but one little thing I have always loved is this little stool. Now made even more special because it was made by our Williams Great,Great,Great Grandad and he was a master carpenter called William too.

The perfect little spot for my teddy--- He is pretty old too!!!!
He is all ready for William's next visit. He was a pageboy last weekend and was so good. How proud all his forefathers would be of him. We are!!

I hope you are all managing to enjoy some very pretty spots all of your own -- it certainly looks like it!
Thank you to all the lovely people who are popping in to say hello and leave lovely comments. The lambs seemed to be enjoyed by so many of you. They have grown already. This morning when I pulled back the curtain they were leaping about and getting a little more adventurous.


  1. Gosh hasnt Wee William grown! Such a gorgeous little fella. Your home looks very pretty with all the flowers. Do hope the emptying of MIL's house goes ok, so many fond memories for you both to look at. xxx Ginny

  2. Your home looks lovely with all those beautiful flowers. It certainly gets me in the mood for some Springtime cheer! xx

  3. Hi Linda,Thank you for leaving me a comment and introducing me to yoiur blog too! Devon is one of our favourite places to visit! So sorry to hear about your Mother in law sorting out things is always so hard, thinking of you.
    Sarah x

  4. OH my, what beautiful flowers.. but that little boy is so amazingly adorable!! Lucky you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. William is so cute! All of your flowers are lovely. What a cheerful, pretty post.

  6. Such pretty flowers! Really brighten up your home beautifully.

  7. Your computer challenges remind me of my own, Linda. I am glad you are getting your blog list sorted out and I love seeing your flowers and the lambs and your crafting over the last month that I somehow or other missed, but just got caught up on :-) And looking forward to a visit from your William....joyful Spring!!!

  8. Such pretty spring spots you've created. We're still having winter and more snow, too, so today I bought some pink carnations to brighten up these grey days. Have a wonderful visit!

  9. We still have winter, too. Eleven degrees F. this morning and still a bit of snow on the ground. I was just visiting my parents, however, in the south, and got a little spring with blooming trees and daffodils. I know my own spring is not too far away. Your pink blooms are especially pretty! And the stool makes a wonderful treasure. How lucky you are to have it.

  10. cheery corners with lovely bright flowers - what a wonderful welcome. Topped of with a beautiful picture of ''sweet William'' and the promise of spring to come


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