Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hooky thumb be still!

I am quietly getting very excited. Blimming ego again! But my followers are creeping up and up. I love making Giveaway parcels. I actually love making parcels full stop. And whilst blog hopping I have seen some lovely new ideas for making deliciousa parcels. So " thank you" to all my followers old and new and please keep up the dropping/popping in here. I think 200 followers warrants another wrapping session.Some of my lovely bloggy friends have been around a while and I love the way they know how I am and where I am drifting. But, also I love the way some of my new followers challenge me to try new things and keep up as I approach the University of the 4th age. Actually,I think I have always been a bit occupied in my own space, maybe I missed bits of the previous three.

I am also exceedingly grateful for the lovely nominations for the Leibster awards of late. I am going to join in that fun when we get back to the Uk after this much needed break.

My thumb has been playing up. I thought maybe an active hooky thumb would ward off any aches or pains. But no. My thumb has been saying "ouch" a lot lately. My Grandmothers approach to pain was very straightforward . Ignore it, work through it, sleep on it and accept it. Very wise words and they served her well. So I have hooked and ignored it, I have completed projects despite it and I have slept on out. But, like Gollum it has still continued to whisper about its discomfort.

So I thought I would give my beloved hook a break and pick up my needles and two gorgeous balls of wool I had for Christmas. Now, I don't want to have to concentrate too much.So the Bactus scarf seemed perfect. A sweet name derived from gremlins in the teeth of little ones!

So here we have the simple Bactus pattern I have been following. Cast on 4 stitches and then work for one whole ball of wool in this manner.

Row1. Knit 1. Yarn over needle knit to the end of the row.

Row2. Knit to last 2 stitches. In first of these last two stitches knit through back of loop and knit last stitch.

Row 3&4. Knit.

When you have completed one ball you simply start to decrease in this manner.

Row1. Knit 1 knit 2 together through back of loop. Knit to the end of the row.

Row2,3&4 knit

Wow. How simple is that. The "sporty one" asked why I was knitting a flag! But never mind.

As for my thumb. Not sure whether the Bactus is helping but it would make an excellent sling if it still needs a rest. I would like to make another one with a lacy edge but that will have to wait.





  1. I love the graduated colours! It seems a simple pattern - easy to adapt/embellish with lacy stitches, perhaps!

    (No - I must not start ANYTHING new just yet....just cleared the decks ready to attend the Knitting Show in London! ;-p)

    SueH The Knitting Assassin!
    Twitter – @Librarymaid

  2. Hope your thumb gets better Linda, both of mine hurt and I did try resting them, it made no difference so I try and adapt myself to it now and stop when it gets too bad, I have had to cut down on the crafting but better a little than none at all. The scarf is going to be lovely. :)

  3. Lovely yarn! What is it? I hope your thumb feels better soon, but your grandma's advice sounds pretty good :)
    The bactus is looking lovely. I'm making something very similar at the moment in crochet - all dc body and it's got a lovely lacy border that I can't wait to start on.
    Have a great weekend! Elisabeth x

  4. Sorry to hear about your thumb, Linda. That sounds painful. The Bactus looks great. I hope to figure out knitting myself someday.

  5. I hope your hooky thumb settles down, Linda. Love the colour play on the Bactus!


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