Sunday, 17 March 2013

Being an idiot has taught me such a lot!

Once when we went on holiday our suitcase went missing. We had to put in an insurance claim. After much head scratching we made our list and sat back thinking we had it covered. Two weeks later the suitcase was discovered by the airline and delivered to our house. Oh my goodness! The things we had forgotten to claim for! Needless to say we cancelled the claim and enjoyed seeing the possessions we had overlooked.
Now, I think I have said before possessions are not really that important to me. Of course I have some treasured possessions and I look at them often and use them every day if I can.
So, what I am trying to say in my usual windy way is that being an idiot and deleting my blog list has taught me a lot over these last few days........

1. I do not concentrate enough on instructions. Click,ckick clicketty click! Fast actions and not enough thought.

2. I miss things more than I would have thought. I find so many blogs so inspiring. Also I feel I actually get to know people through their blogs. I reality this is true. I have had so many sweet exchanges,random gifts of kindness and thoughtfulness beyond belief.

3. I do like popular blogs with lots of inspiration but I am also drawn to fledgeling blogs who have sweet tales to tell. My lifetime with little ones leads me towards young mums and their early footsteps with their babies and toddlers. Some of the photos are spellbinding.I recently found such a blog based in St Ives.. one of my favourite places and we had just started a lovely dialogue. I don't think I will find it again.

4. I am amazed and warmed by the lovely people here in Blogland and on MSE who have sympathised with my predicament and tried to help. Advice,solutions,supportive comments and encouragement have abounded. I searched and searched my history( I did not know I had a parallel one in cyberspace) but you would have to have the patience of a saint to trawl through my long,enormous,gigantic list of places I have visited. It did work for some though. And it was like meeting an old friend when a blog came up that I had not remembered. " Oh, I had forgotten you, Oh I would have missed you!"

5. Following on from 4 .. I probably spend too much time Bloghopping! And my memory is not what it was.

6. Following on from 5 . Every cloud has a silver lining. Whilst I have been looking for trusty,favourite .friends I have found some more amazing blogs! That will not help with the problem number 5 brings up. But hey ho!.

7. If you should make the same mistake. This helps a lot. Think of some of the lovely things you have made and look them up on Pinterest or Ravelry. Often a picture of the very item links you straight to the lovely blogger who inspired you

8. Most importantly of course I realise that actually in the greater scheme of things this is only a minor inconvenience. But if you usually have Chalky comments and they have stopped please pop in and leave me a link. I would love to say "hello" again soon.


  1. I understand how you feel about Blogland. It was only about a year ago that I discovered crafty blogs. Before that, I thought blogs were just a place to rant and complain about life, because those were the only blogs I had ever read! Silly. I really didn't know there was such a wonderful community of people blogging about HAPPINESS. It was a revelation, really. :)

    1. Jennifer that is exactly how I feel. It is so good amongst the sea of terrible things that are going on in the world just to find a place with such support and happiness. Most importantly it is not about material things but making every second count in one way or another. Escapism it may be but one I am glad to be a part of. thank you for popping in x

  2. Sometimes when I visit one of the blogs I follow, I check their blog list. If we're interested in similar things, I find lots of lovely places to visit. Perhaps you can re-find some of your lost blogs this way. Fingers crossed.

  3. I know why we get along so well.. We think in exactly the same way. One popped up on Facebook today as I followed it on there too. Xxx

  4. You're doing great rebuilding your blog list. Think of it as "spring cleaning" - you're finding new great blogs and your old friends will find you again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa.. I must say it does feel like a real Spring clean and it has made me spread my wings abit and also connect properly with people I had "lost" a bit using my Ipad--- you and your lovely blog included. I agree with Suztats that I often look at Blog Lists that people have when I am enjoying their personal blogs. I guess you will probably like the same kind of things. I am missing some of the fledgeling ones but maybe one day xx

  5. Linda,

    I often do silly things like that. If you are in St Ives, the sun is certainly shining this morning!!

    Leanne xx

  6. Yay!!! Following on from point number 3 in my post --- it is you. Lovely and that has made my day.
    Love Linda


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