Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nearly Ready for William's First Easter Egg Hunt!

The sun is shining. The lambs are growing and the family are coming for Easter. All except one who happens to be in the Bahamas!

This will be William's first Easter Egg Hunt. So "Thank You" to Bunny Mummy and her lovely blog for the inspiration for the Crochet Rabbit. He makes me smile and will be the perfect prize at the end of the hunt around the garden!

Amazing that I can follow a pattern when I really need to. Well almost anyway. After all odd ears must be all the rage!

A pretty little bucket,some chocolate of course and we are ready. I can't wait. The weather has been so dire of late when William has been visiting that he has not been able to potter around the garden. So that will be lovely. You know how it goes. Pick up the gravel and throw it on the lawn. Pull up the flowers etc etc. Perfect!

So the house is ready. Flowers,candles,birds,the Easter tree and some real family treasures. The little tin was my children's when they were tiny. A gift from my Mum for Easter. It's that circle of life again!

Loving this little Britvic glass that was in Dear Iris' cupboard.

And this jelly mould. I have such happy memories of making jelly as a child. Jelly was great, blancmange not so good and junket indescribably horrible! If you have ever tried it I think you might agree.

The Easter tree is in a little higher position than usual and this year I found these pretty little glass eggs in a lovely little Vintage shop in town.Just one but I like to add to my collection slowly and try to remember why I bought each one.

 Now I would never forget about our youngest daughter who is far away this Easter. Of course we miss her and I know she misses all the family but if you have to be away I guess the Bahamas is a pretty special place to be!
This was the picture she posted on Facebook this morning. A great place for an Easter Egg hunt!

Whilst I was crocheting the rabbit for William I thought about her. Whenever I think of her I think of the sea and her love of scuba diving. I have been busy joining hexagons to make balls lately and I thought the shape perfect for a turtle. One of her favourites.Perfect and how lucky we are to have a constant stream of inspiration on the internet. So, Google,google,google and here we have it. Now, I have to make the legs and tail and William is due --- so that might take me a while but I will pop a photo of him on Facebook tomorrow and she will know every stitch was hooked with lots of love.

Happy Easter everyone. Thank you for all your lovely posts showing all your lovely Easter traditions and beautiful spots.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Blessings of a Mistaken Identity!

Surprises,kindness and generosity.

Firstly a really huge welcome to my new followers. It is lovely to see you here at Chalky's. I am looking forward to 200 notches on the old Crochet hook because that must surely signal the time for a Giveaway! I think so.

I have often talked here of the many kindnesses I have been shown since I started my life at Chalky's and on Facebook and this week has made me realise just how kind and generous people can be.

In Spain I met a lovely Japanese lady called Tomoko. She lives there for part of the year,In the UK for part of the year but also spends a couple of months each year visiting her family in Japan.After being at a Yoga lunch with her I had a request on Facebook from Tomoko to be my friend. I was delighted to accept.

After a while I saw beautiful pictures of her family and two boys and I thought maybe her children lived with their Grandparents and that was why she went home. Then I saw her visiting temples and wonderful parks and yet I thought she was at that time in Spain. I was a bit puzzled but really felt I did not know her well enough to ask any questions. She often " liked " my Craft photos and left very encouraging comments about our travels.

Of course the obvious happened I was in Spain one day and had met Tomoko and that same evening Tomoko had also posted pictures of her and her children having a party in Japan. I wrote to her in Japan and explained the puzzle of Tomoko. Tomoko immediately answered and explained that she was indeed in Japan and had never been to Spain or indeed Europe! She was actually a friend of the guide we had been fortunate enough to have had when we visited Tokyo and had found me through him. She loves crochet and had seen my pictures. We laughed at the situation and a real " friendship" has developed between us.

I have seen some lovely Pinterest pictures using Washi paper. I asked Tomoko about it and today this wonderful parcel arrived from Tomoko in Japan. I was so excited to open it and it just got better and better. Such kindness,such thoughtfulness,such generosity. I really feel quite humbled that someone whom I have never met could send such a parcel.

First to tumble out was some beautiful Mulberry Paper.

Next six packets of Japanes papers. I love these so much and use them for my card making .

Some lovely phone charms.

Stickers for cards and labels.

Two hanging pictures. I am going to do some research into these characters. All these beautiful things just make me want to go back to Japan again.


Then really sweet things started . Items which were made with much love and kindness.

A Samurai Warriors helmet made for William.

With lots more paper to make some more!
William was also sent a little parcel all of his own. Such a pretty little bag and a letter just for him. Written in beautiful English and such sweet presents all about the new high speed train in Japan. I think these tissues are too special to use on a runny nose or sticky face!

I had "spoken"to Tomoko about origami and she had remembered all about it and sent not only cranes, little sweet boxes, Samuri helmets but also pretty Iris. How fitting as we have so recently lost our dear Iris.Now that would have been amazing enough but she also sent an envelope with clear instructions for me to make cranes myself. What lovely thoughts all linked together. Some of those pretty papers will be used to make a little family of cranes. I bet mine do not look as good though!

And believe it or not there tucked in were four rolls of Washi paper. The original enquiry had been about this lovely paper.

I read the lovely card that Tomoko had written to me and really feel that I will never be able to thank her enough for such an act of kindness.

But when we were in Japan I soon learnt the word for Thank You as we were treated with such kindness. So, Arigatiu gozimasu to Tomoko, Kodai and Keita

But, you can imagine what I am going to do. Make up a parcel for Tomoko and her lovely boys and send it off with lots of love to Japan. Also when I get back to Spain I shall be telling my other Tomoko all about her namesake.

But, when I asked her if I could send a parcel to her and her boys aged 4 and 10 which would give her a little insight into our life here in the UK. Tomoko answered that as she had never been to the UK or Europe she would not know what to ask for. So I am thinking really hard. I so want to make a parcel for her as special as the one she so kindle sent me. I know that I will not be opening or using any of the little gifts yet. There is something so special about just re-opening a parcel and just enjoying such wonderful things.

My hook is smoking! My brain is ticking. Perhaps,if you are kind enough to leave a comment you could make a suggestion of something I could add to the parcel.



Friday, 22 March 2013

Thank you so much for my Leibster Award! Here we have it with a slight twist.

Just as we were packing up to leave Spain I was so kindly nominated for the Leibster award by Jacqueline at
And Una at Great Balls Of Wool.
They both have lovely blogs and I pop in often

When I got home I was taken poorly then I suffered from an idiotic clicking finger which deleted my 50 something Blog List without my permission. Naughty finger.

Well pages moved on. I spent days looking for my favourite blogs and I felt that I had been so slow in acknowledging the lovely award my answers would be somewhat "old Hat"

So, I think awards are great fun and a way of learning a little bit more about each other here in Blogland.

I found some blocks just like these for William to play with and they got me thinking. A to Z all about me.
So hold your hats old and new and here we go!

A - I have been married to my lovely husband ANDY for 37 years! Phew we both need an award for that!

B - I love BLOGGING. Our youngest daughter who is 26 is called Briony. The BEACH is one of my favourite places to be.

C -Our daughter in law is called CHARLOTTE. I love CHILDREN. I went to Teacher's Training COLLEGE.and I love COOKING.and Crochet, making CHUTNEY and eating CHEESE.I hate CLUTTER. Oh! and of course there is my love of CHOCOLATE.

D - My eldest brother is called DEREK and I love DOGS.

E.- I do not like getting up EARLY.

G.- I love Josh GROBAN'S music.

H - When I was younger I had a HORSE called ROBIN HOOD. I have always had naturally blonde HAIR.

I.- I love ITALIAN food and ITALY.I am hopeless at reading INSTRUCTIONS.I hate INSINCERITY.

J- JENNIFER is one of my favourite names. 

K - I  do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

L- My name is LINDA, my eldest daughter is called LINDSAY.Our favourite show is LES MISERABLES. LEMON is a flavour I love.

M.-I  can not read MAPS at all. I love being MARRIED.

N- Sadly my youngest brother called NORMAN died when he was 54. I love my NIECES and NEPHEWS.

O -  Our son who is 33 is called OWEN. I love OLIVES

P -  I hated my PIANO lessons when I was a child. I try very hard to have a POSITIVE attitude

Q - A very good friend thinks I am very QUIRKY!

R - ROD STEWART can do no wrong in my eyes. RASPBERRIES are my favourite food..I love READING My maiden name was REED. I do not like RAIN.

S - I love,love SPAINand ST IVES. I SEEM incapable of cutting in a STRAIGHT line. My Dad was called SYDNEY. I am not SPORTY at all.

T -I love TRAVELLING. I do not like using the TELEPHONE but love TEXTING and TALKING face to face with interesting people.I was one of THREE children. I wold like to be taller.

U. I hate putting my head UNDERWATER, 

V- I loved our T4 VAN.

W - Our gorgeous Grandson is called WILLIAM. We lived in WAREHAM when we were first married. I love WOOL.

X- XXX'S are the best!

Y - I go to Yoga but am about as supple as a brick.

Z - I thought NEW ZEALAND was awesomely beautiful.

So Thank You for my lovely award and I hope you have learnt a little more about me.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pretty Spots!

The whole of Blogland is alive with pretty spots. Flowers, Easter Trees, and just the most beautiful little pictures that to my mind make up what the world is about. Not big things,not expensive things but just folk making their spaces in the world special.
We have got visitors coming this weekend from Scotland. It is still snowing there. Winter still abounds. So I thought they would love to spend time surrounded by pretty spots.Spring like corners that make you feel that the equinox is really here.
Sadly, we shall also be very busy emptying my dear Mother In Laws house. But, maybe that makes it even more important to have these little touches in our home. A reminder that although times pass new adventures are around the corner. I do hope it helps us think like that.

I dashed out into the garden between the showers and there hiding their pretty faces were these pretty blooms just waiting to come inside and make such pretty spots.

And a lovely bunch of tulips waiting to come into bloom from the shop this morning.

I have got some lovely vintage things to blog about from my late Mother In Laws house but one little thing I have always loved is this little stool. Now made even more special because it was made by our Williams Great,Great,Great Grandad and he was a master carpenter called William too.

The perfect little spot for my teddy--- He is pretty old too!!!!
He is all ready for William's next visit. He was a pageboy last weekend and was so good. How proud all his forefathers would be of him. We are!!

I hope you are all managing to enjoy some very pretty spots all of your own -- it certainly looks like it!
Thank you to all the lovely people who are popping in to say hello and leave lovely comments. The lambs seemed to be enjoyed by so many of you. They have grown already. This morning when I pulled back the curtain they were leaping about and getting a little more adventurous.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring in Devonshire.

This little dormouse was up early this morning. And when I pulled the curtains Spring had arrived albeit just for a morning if the weather forecast is anything to go by.
Yesterday I went out for a little wander around the village and Spring is definitely arriving.

This is the view from our bedroom window.We have lived in our little village for over 25 years and the sight of new born lambs fills me with joy every year.

And whilst out pootling .... little treasures that make Spring in England so beautiful.

Also the lovely blogs that I am lucky enough to visit are ablaze with beautiful Spring and Easter ideas. Have a look here at the lovely blog by Teresa.
Her Easter post is inspiring. I am dying to try these lovely crochet eggs.

Pop over and see her lovely post and her wonderful decorations.

There are also some gorgeous ones at Greedy for Colour's lovely blog.

Now being the impatient crafty person I am late last night I decided to try to make one. Another big mistake. It is fine...ish but the size of a small bantams egg! Not big enough to go in an egg box!

I am busy getting ready to take my next bundle of goodies to Hannah's.I am sure Teresa nor Kate will mind if I copy their lovely idea and patterns for such a wonderful cause. If you are visiting Devonshire over Easter I would recommend a visit. Everything is truly inspirational.

So whilst I am thinking about Easter and Spring I must get my little tree out and get the house ready. These little windmills look so pretty. William loved them last summer and he is coming for a visit soon so I must get busy.

POSTSCRIPT -- To being a clicky idiot. The lovely newish blog that I though I had lost,about a family in St Ives popped up this morning. That has made my day. Perhaps you would like to see some gorgeous photos of one of my favourite places. Leanne's photos are lovely.
Here is just a taster -- Lovely St Ives

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Being an idiot has taught me such a lot!

Once when we went on holiday our suitcase went missing. We had to put in an insurance claim. After much head scratching we made our list and sat back thinking we had it covered. Two weeks later the suitcase was discovered by the airline and delivered to our house. Oh my goodness! The things we had forgotten to claim for! Needless to say we cancelled the claim and enjoyed seeing the possessions we had overlooked.
Now, I think I have said before possessions are not really that important to me. Of course I have some treasured possessions and I look at them often and use them every day if I can.
So, what I am trying to say in my usual windy way is that being an idiot and deleting my blog list has taught me a lot over these last few days........

1. I do not concentrate enough on instructions. Click,ckick clicketty click! Fast actions and not enough thought.

2. I miss things more than I would have thought. I find so many blogs so inspiring. Also I feel I actually get to know people through their blogs. I reality this is true. I have had so many sweet exchanges,random gifts of kindness and thoughtfulness beyond belief.

3. I do like popular blogs with lots of inspiration but I am also drawn to fledgeling blogs who have sweet tales to tell. My lifetime with little ones leads me towards young mums and their early footsteps with their babies and toddlers. Some of the photos are spellbinding.I recently found such a blog based in St Ives.. one of my favourite places and we had just started a lovely dialogue. I don't think I will find it again.

4. I am amazed and warmed by the lovely people here in Blogland and on MSE who have sympathised with my predicament and tried to help. Advice,solutions,supportive comments and encouragement have abounded. I searched and searched my history( I did not know I had a parallel one in cyberspace) but you would have to have the patience of a saint to trawl through my long,enormous,gigantic list of places I have visited. It did work for some though. And it was like meeting an old friend when a blog came up that I had not remembered. " Oh, I had forgotten you, Oh I would have missed you!"

5. Following on from 4 .. I probably spend too much time Bloghopping! And my memory is not what it was.

6. Following on from 5 . Every cloud has a silver lining. Whilst I have been looking for trusty,favourite .friends I have found some more amazing blogs! That will not help with the problem number 5 brings up. But hey ho!.

7. If you should make the same mistake. This helps a lot. Think of some of the lovely things you have made and look them up on Pinterest or Ravelry. Often a picture of the very item links you straight to the lovely blogger who inspired you

8. Most importantly of course I realise that actually in the greater scheme of things this is only a minor inconvenience. But if you usually have Chalky comments and they have stopped please pop in and leave me a link. I would love to say "hello" again soon.

Friday, 15 March 2013

I am a complete idiot!

I was wanting to add a lovely blog to the list I follow. I love rambling through blogs and I had over 50 inspirational blogs on my list. Well click happy finger worked too quickly and deleted the list not added to it!Oh, I am gutted. I can not remember all the lovely blogs I have chosen to follow. I have just "met" a lovely girl from St Ives and was loving her little bit of Blogland.I hope lovely people don't think I have abandoned them.What a pain!