Thursday, 21 February 2013

How I keep track of the books I want to read. And my latest green light.

My memory used to be sharp,true and quick. Now,at times it is slightly more like walking through treacle.

Since I retired I have fallen in love with reading all over again. For me books are the ultimate treat. I love books,real books a wide variety of books.And of course people tell me that I must read this book,or this book or you will love this book. Great, but by the time I get to recommendation number three I have forgotten numbers one and two! Scraps of paper never work as I usually find them clean and unreadable in the back pocket of my freshly laundered jeans.

So now I use Amazon. I look up the book,then of course get distracted by reading reviews and then I just add the book to my wish list. This is a brilliant way of remembering the books you want to read. It becomes a kind of memory tool.

Of course if you are really lucky other people know you do it this way and will have a peek at your wish list and buy the book for you.
Double whammy.

My latest green light goes to this book. I enjoyed it very much. Poignant yet thought provoking.maybe you might like it too.


  1. I really enjoyed Me before You.As you say it is thought provoking and this is one of the reasons it is my choice for my reading group.We have been meeting once a month for ten years and so have said most things so I tend to choose a book that we can discuss it's literary merit but also has a theme we can discuss.

    1. Busybusybeejay. I sometimes think I can "fix, things by just trying so hard. Age and a little more wisdom has taught me that actually fixing a situation is not always the best thing. Thank you so much for popping by.

  2. My local library lets you log in to your account and create a wish list. You can even place a request for books on your list and review them after reading them. I still just use a little notepad though!

  3. Thanks Una. Our library has improved so much as well. But I often get these tips when we are away travelling and then the IPad and Amazon fit the bill. I have so many notepads but they seem to disappear when I need them. Thank you so much for popping by.

  4. It has fantastic reviews Linda, I have put it on my wish list on Amazon too. I have just read journey of the soul by Dr Brenda Davies, it's the 3rd time I've read it, its really thought provoking and it kind of puts things into perspective.:)

  5. Linda. Thank you so much .... You know where I am going with my next click don,t you. To add that book to my list.
    I hope you are well and enjoying life.
    The other Linda

  6. Thanks for the recommendation - I've just requested it from my library :)


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