Saturday, 26 January 2013

Life is a list, and a BIG blanket!

Firstly, I would like to say a huge  "Thank You" to each and everyone of you who have left such kind and empathetic comments. They really have meant so much to me and "The Sporty One." I would also like to welcome all my new followers. I am sorry you have joined me here at Chalky's at rather a sad juncture in our lives, but thank you so much for becoming a follower.

Life seems to be one long list at the moment! We have been able to arrange a service in our Village Church.Mum loved this little Church and tucked in her purse was the collection she had saved for the next service before she had her fall.

Sadly the crematorium is really busy in our area so although our little village church could have arranged the funeral for this next week we have to wait another week for a slot at the Crematorium for our final "Goodbyes" to Mum.

Of course we have managed to catch up some much needed sleep. We have reminisced and talked about Mum. But there really is a lot to arrange. Phone calls across the country and across the world. A need to double check with everybody as this is our last chance to remember Mum, and say farewell.

The first thing I did was to find a photo of a happy time with Mum. That was easy. She loved coming to visit us in Spain. She loved the sunshine and blue skies. This picture says it all. Holding hands and looking so happy.I have put it on the kitchen table and it is helping us so much to leave those long dark days in the hospital behind us. I will get a frame for this photo very soon, but just for now it is just about perfect.

I started the BIG blanket when I was sitting at Mum's bedside. It was, as I said in a previous post the perfect
distraction.Soothing and comforting.
I know myself really well, but, my goodness I have learnt a lot about myself in the last week. I am really good at starting projects and I am even better at abandoning them!!
I usually get back to them at some point. But, to stop them pricking my conscience I put them in the cupboard of doom, also known as the understairs cupboard!
 I have no idea why this gorgeous chevron blanket is in there.

 But, I know exactly why my first foray at sock making is there. Blimmin' things!

I usually make little things, quick and easy little things.
Things that I can enjoy "on the go" things that take little thought as I watch the television in the evenings.
But the BIG blanket is special. I did try bringing it downstairs when I was whip stitching the squares but made a mistake and swore loudly!
I, of course can make sweet little piles of squares.

 But I want to see it growing.And, my goodness it is growing!
 But I want it for a king size bed so it has got a lot more growing to do yet!

I have sewn over 350 little squares together and it took me a while to realise that it is much easier to sew the squares together as you work if you have the blanket upside down.
This also ensures you can not ignore all the ends that need sewing in! I never do those as I am working but I have this time! What a relief that will be.
I had a complete wobble the other night. Was it going to be too heavy? Was it going to be too big? How will I ever manage all those rounds of crochet to make a border? Do I actually like it enough to finish it? Would I still think of Iris in a sad way every time I looked at it?
All those questions were enough to send me on a Google Hunt and just for a moment A Bactus scarf pattern winked at me very loudly. 
But, I don't want this blanket to go into hiding. That would make me much sadder. I want to finish it. I decided actually it reminded me of Elmer and my time with "the littlies" so I got the books out and read them to myself and I decided I WILL finish this blanket.I will look forward to reading the stories to William as he cuddles down under such a happy blanket.

 It will not be an Iris blanket but it will remind me of the love we shared. 
 I also got out some balls of wool from my stash. Iris coloured wool.

 So when I have finished the BIG blanket my next project will be a blanket for Mrs Twins and it will be called Iris and I will attach a little card and send it on its way with love from all the family.


  1. Love both blankets. I'm with you on socks. I gave up on my first one halfway through. (My sweet daughter finished it for me and made a matching one.) I had almost forgotten about Elmer. We had a book and stuffed Elmer toy when the kids were little. Knowing our hoarding ways, both are probably up in the attic somewhere!

  2. Your big blanket is so colourful and vibrant! A lot of hours have been spent on it, but I'm sure you'll finish it. Shame about the socks. I made a pair once - I finished them, but I never wear them! (Find them a bit scratchy.)
    I look forward to seeing the lovely colours of the Iris blanket made up for Mrs Twins.

  3. My the blanket has grown - I love both blankets so pretty and neat as always Linda I can just see William under that blanket - the Iris colours are beautiful thats going to be a lovely blanket - love the picture of the Sporty One and his lovely Mum xx

  4. Sorry about your sad news :( Your blankets are beautiful. I too start way more than I finish, but I love the thrill of starting something new way more than the slog of finishing.

  5. Thank you for finding the time to leave a comment on my blog. Your blanket is beautiful and will be a loving reminder. I am going to follow your blog for inspiration. Best wishes, Una, Great Balls of Wool blog

  6. The blanket is stunning! So many hours, and now it will be shared with William, for hours of cuddling and shared hugs. Lovely. I think the Iris blanket will be beautiful in those colours. Hugs

  7. I was so sorry to hear about your mum Linda sending my condolences and big hug! You are like me I always have loads on the go, I wonder what it would be like to start something and actually finish it before I started something else. Your blankets are coming on a treat and I'm sure will be beautiful when they are finished, have a lovely Sunday and thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  8. Of course you will finish your blanket.I love making blankets especially in the winter.It is so cosy to sit watching the TV and crocheting away at my ripple blankie.It keeps me warm.As for socks,I'm a bit addicted to them as well.I always wash them by hand and last time there were 14 pairs(hubby loves them).They are so comfortable to wear and not scratchy at all,just the opposite.Do finish yours and you'll be hooked!!

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments. I will carry on and see what unfolds for me and the BIG blanket.Love Linda


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