Monday, 7 January 2013

I've Been Reading and It Has Made Me think!

I had a magazine subscription from a friend for Christmas. I have had Good Food before but this year it is for" Good Housekeeping ". I have been lying in bed reading various articles,snippets of information,and new ideas.
The medical bits I skim. I never watch hospital dramas either!

For quite a few years I have been on a serious decluttering journey. I have found it rewarding and energising. I rarely miss things that have had the " heave ho". The Charity Shops benefit and at least I know where everything is. I love opening cupboard doors and everything is in place and not falling out as soon as it sees the light of day.

I read an article by Mary Lambert a Decluttering Expert. I would love her job. But I am still amazed at her article. She claims that she has pared her possessions down to 100 items. She has made necessary exceptions like furniture,big electrical items,china and cooking equipment. Also she grouped some items of clothing, like underwear, together as one item.

I began to look around my house, not counting as I looked, but definitely thinking. I decided to try and get rid of 3 things a day. Quite easy, not too drastic and easy to pop in a bag for Hannah's. Today, however, I looked at a large box of CD'S. There were definitely more than 100 in that box alone and we do not even have a CD player anymore. But, even though I roped in the "Sporty One" it was so hard. We remembered where we had bought a particular one. We remembered which car we had driven in the 80's listening to Dire Straits.Which holiday we had been on when listening to Madonna. You get my drift. However,undeterred I took 2 bags full to the Charity Shop and did not even look back as I left. Rod Stewart is exempt and always will be!

So, I will keep going but I think life would be a little bleak with just 100 items. Anyway, I must have over 100 balls of wool alone and I would not be the Quirky "Me" that my friend loves enough to present with a magazine subscription if I did.

What do you think?


  1. I think I may try this getting rid of something every day..what a great idea! My hubby is a pack rat so it will mostly be his I agree 100% on Rod Stewart being exempt! I would never part with anything Rod !!! I just got his book for is fantastic! Have a great day!
    Brenda :)

  2. 100 items!!! Yikes!!! If I could go more digital with books and music that would help, but yarn and crafting supplies...oh my....thanks for the inspiration, Linda :) xx from Gracie

  3. Well, I think it would be difficult for me to pare down to 100 things--I must have at least 100 balls of yarn, 100 paint brushes, 100 tubes of paint, 100 balls of crochet thread, and then there's tatting thread, sewing thread, embellishments, 8 shoeboxes of beads and tons of books...........well, maybe if my art and craft supplies were exempt, and my music CD's, I might get by........I only have 5 pairs of shoes-does that count as 1 or as 5?....hmmm, I think Mary is amazing!

  4. Having a jolly declutter is good but down to 100 items seems a little bit harsh, I couldn't part with my at least 100 items knitting paraphernalia :)

  5. It is good having a declutter, I don't do it often enough but when I do I feel clear in the head too! Too many memories wrapped up in things to get down to a hundred tho! I'm with you on the balls of wool count.

  6. Hmmm I am trying to de-clutter. As we have just moved house it has come to light just how much craft stuff i have! Good Luck with it! Sue x

  7. I got "Good Food" magzine on subscription this year for a Christmas present, and am about to make tonight's dinner from it! I'm not too bad at managing clutter - having moved to many different homes throughout the world, I couldn't afford to keep a lot! But I too have, I should think, more than 100 balls of wool. It's overflowed a bit from my chest of drawers and is lurking under the spare bed!


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