Sunday, 6 January 2013


Firstly, a big Thank You to all my lovely followers who joined in with my Giveaway to celebrate150 friends who have chosen to be a part of " Chalky 's World "

Secondly, Thank You to my new followers who I hope will pop back often.

I am at the moment reverting to old fashioned ways...... My blog will be featuring this very soon.
So,feeling in the Old Fashioned groove I dropped the names of the lovely people who had left a comment about their new projects in a bowl.lifted high I asked " The Sporty One " to dip his hand in.
And the winner is ......... The lovely Vixen!

Congratulations Vixen. I have loved choosing,making and packing this little Giveaway. So, as soon as I have your address it will be winging it's way to you.

Thank you again everyone. Onwards and upwards with a New Year of blogging and again thank you for all your support and encouragement.


  1. Yeah, congratulations to the Lucky 'lovely Vixen'. x

  2. You have just made my week! Will send you my adress by pm xxx

  3. Congrats, Vixen!
    Linda, during the holidays I missed out on all your news and just now enjoyed catching up although so sorry to hear of you MIL in hospital with a broken hip. William is very wonderful, indeed, and I am glad you are able to enjoy time with him! Your latest blanket and your first sock are both works to be proud of. I am off to restart a cowl that has an unwanted twist in it.
    xx from Gracie


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