Monday, 14 January 2013

A little bit of prettiness! Card making for a change.

I have a special birthday this year. I am looking forward to it as we have decided not to have a big party but, instead have a few days away by the sea with the family and then a weekend celebration with close, and well loved friends.Making plans is really such a special part of any celebration and I wanted to make sure that these special people were free to join in with the celebrations.
So, I decided to do a little papercrafting. I have not done any for ages and I really enjoyed getting all my papers and bits and pieces out. And Tah Dah! A little selection, just perfect for " A Save The Date " reminder.I love Luggage labels and use them on my gifts and here they are decorated with a pretty square of material and a button.Just a little bit different but so quick and easy.

My dear Mother In Law has been in hospital after a fall just before Christmas. She broke her hip and needs lots of time to make a full recovery. This weekend lots of the family who live a long way away came to surprise her and hopefully lift her spirits..There is something lovely about having the house full and knowing that there is time to catch up,chat,relax and enjoy being together, I want family and friends to know we love having them so  little bits,and a chocoalte or two just add a bit of a welcoming touch.I love getting rooms ready for guests.I obviously chose the wrong job. The " littlies" soon wrecked anything arranged artistically and quite rightly re-organised everything in their particular way.
 I used to make a lot of cards but had run out of steam of late. I had even had a request from my Dear Daughter In Law for some cards.So whilst the table was covered in paraphenalia it seemed a good idea to carry on. Pretty ribbons,hearts and buttons.

Japanese papers. I love these so much! 

Stitched hearts from Vintage Wool Blankets.My favourite blanket stitch!

And some mounted photos of our travels and garden.

All popped in a little pouch and popped on the bed as a little welcome gift!

So, we were all ready. The weather was being typically Devonshire. Mizzling.Such a good word to describe it,grey,damp and dull. Just as well I picked up these little beauties yesterday. Spring must be on the way ....soon!

And another sure way of beating the January blues is to see this gorgeous smile!

The best medicine methinks!


  1. I just LOVE LOVE your papercrafting, Linda. Wow! You are talented in so many ways. I really like your cards alot. :)

    Sending well wishes to your mother in laws recovery and much needed strength to you and your family.

    Love you!

  2. Very lovely cards Linda! Such a nice welcoming gift :)

    Hope your mother-in-law recovers soon.

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. Just perfect Linda, you are a clever one and lovely pic of handsome little man - sending love and hugs to you and family and hoping MIL feels better soon xx

  4. Oh those lovely daffodils! Makes me long for spring.

  5. Your creative pursuits are inspiring, Linda! Thanks for posting!

  6. Lovely cards, Linda! Enjoy your company, and your special day!

  7. All your lovely cards! What a lovely selection and a very special gift for your guests. Maggie xx

  8. How pretty are these cards and what a lovely welcoming touch they make. Enjoy both your company and your special weekend. I hope your mother in law is recovering well.

  9. Thank you all so much for such encouraging comments about the cards! Long sad "Groundhog" days with DMIL XX

  10. Wow, I LOVE those cards! I wish I was as talented at making them as you are xx


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