Saturday, 28 January 2012

A star choice not an understudy!

I usually feature books I have enjoyed on my sidebar.
I enjoyed this one so much I thought it deserved a post all of it's own.
Recommendations about books and restaurants can be a bit of a dodgy area for me.
Recommendations about either can come unstuck.
I once had a restaurant recommended to me for a special anniversary and it is still the only time I have left   after just the starters!
We ended up in MacDonalds|!!!
But I have a very dear "old " friend and I love her bookcase and when she says " I think you will like this one" she is nearly always right.
And When God Was a Rabbit was perfect for me.

It is Sarah Winman's first novel --- I hope she writes some more.
And like a good friend I will be returning the book as I hate it when my favourites go astray and I am robbed of the chance to revisit them!
Perhaps you will be inspired to have a read?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A woolly Oasis!

My personal oasis is generally connected to wool in one way or another and lately I have been spending my evening quietly hooking Granny Squares!
A brilliant anecdote to "Operation Broken House!"
My Dear Daughter In Law, Charlotte must have known I would need some woolly cuddles as well as this is the beautiful blanket she made me to celebrate William'' birth.

The photo does not even do it justice but it is certainly amazingly cuddly,calming and welcome right now!

Monday, 23 January 2012

This has to be the point of extremity!

I googled the definition of extremity!


  1. The furthest point or limit of something.

After a lovely few days in Bideford getting to know William I returned home to what I definitely think is our point of extremity with Operation Broken House.
I got my camera and you know what they say -- the camera never lies!
The house all wrapped and protected?

The first floor with the original upstairs back wall demolished.

The view out to the back garden from the first floor with the dining room ceiling removed!

The first floor.

The kitchen ceiling after it had a surprise visit from a lintel from upstairs. I am so glad I was not doing a spot of dusting in the kitchen!

In many ways the craziest picture of all.
The dining room where just a few short weeks ago we were celebrating Christmas!

The original wall between the back corridor and the shower room was load bearing but no longer so it has been demolished to create a new utilty room.

The view of the lounge door from the conservatory!

And the view to the first floor from the same spot!

The back garden

 Now I have been told that is the last of the demolition and it certainly has been extreme enough for me.
So now Operation mended house can begin but there is a small matter of rather a large pile of rubble to deal with.
Patio anyone?

Friday, 20 January 2012

Two extremes in my life just now!

Opposites and extremes!
I quite like juxtapositions.
Differences and changes.
The work on our house is moving forward at a cracking pace and the "Sporty One" describes it as a shambles!
But that shambles is an hour and a half away!
 Today I have been just enjoying spending time with William.
Getting to know him.
Getting to understand his expressions,his noises, his movements, and my favourite, just getting to know his smell.
That yummy smell that babies have!

We went for a long walk together this afternoon whilst his mummy and daddy managed to catch up on some sleep!
Bideford was busy and we managed to walk for a good while and William slept for the whole time!
So he missed looking at the river.


The stunts in the skateboard park!

The lovely Museum and the Craft Display.

And a little wander around the shops.

It doesn't matter as I am sure we will go again when he is a bit bigger and he can see it all then!
Now it really is the best time -- a bath!

And snuggle up ready for bed!

And the best bit about being a Grandma is you don't get a wake up call for the night time snack!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The perfect start to my day!

It has probably been 25 years since I had a tiny little one saying a very special "Good Morning" to me,before he drifted back into that wonderful Land of Nod.
It really was the perfect way to start my day.
I hope you have a lovely day too!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Absence from posting!

Do you remember when you begged your Mum for a letter excusing you from P.E!
Or Was it just me?
Anyway I could do with a letter excusing me from posting on my blog just now.
I think you will excuse me for a little while!
If you want to give your house a bright and breezy feel follow these 3 steps!

Or maybe not!
After all you could just open a window!

Monday, 9 January 2012

It may be a while before normal service is resumed in Chalky's World!

Work In Progress and Buster is still confused!

The upstairs of the house after day 3!!
Not conducive to woolly restful pursuits just now!
So I am going back to me firt love.
My calming restful Granny Square!

But I am not working on them at home!
For a while!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Buster is confused!

A bit of chaos and Confusion!

Buster has only known our house to be complete and normal, a real home.
 So today when he came to visit he was totally confused.
Everything has gone into storage after 25 years of life as we love it!

We are having a second floor extension built at the back of the house.
After a few years neglect and a few years gadding about the house is nearly grinding to a halt.
 So this is the long awaited project for 2012!
 Buster grabbed the last piece of carpet and just reflected,like me how things have been up until now.
The sledge hammers are ready,the scaffolding is up and the Conservatory is selling for 99p at the moment on Ebay!!

It will all be worth it Buster--- promise!

Monday, 2 January 2012

And the winner of my Giveaway is ---

Thank you so much for joining in the Giveaway here at 
" Chalky's World!"
It was to celebrate having 100 wonderful followers!
Thank you to each and everyone of you who take the time to leave such supportive comments.

I cheated a bit because "The Sporty One" and I were enjoying Morse so I asked him to choose a number from 1 to 15 and he said 14!
Moonstruck left the fourteenth comment so I am going to have a lovely wander around her lovely blog and think about what to send to her to celebrate being the winner!
Oh! And guess what whilst I have been busy packing up the house (another story I will blog about soon!) another 2 lovely followers have joined Chalky's World.
Thank you,every 102 of you!