Saturday, 29 December 2012

Woo Hoo the magical 150 followers!!!! It really must be time for a New Year and a giveaway!

I was so delighted when the lovely Twinkle Star became my 150th follower. A special thanks to her but also a very special vote of thanks to all my followers who give me so much support and encouragement.

I have started a new hooky project to banish the grey clouds and the endless rain. It is bright and colourful and will keep me calm as news seems so variable about my dear Mother In Law.

My oldest daughter is moving into a new house and I have promised her a bed.To me a bed never seems complete without some Granny loveliness. So, the new colourful blanket is just for her. I am using a pack of wool from Mason's which is a mixture of Stylecraft double Knit in colours which all blend and tone. I love it as I often worry about my colour choices. I wish I was more confident when I move away from my seaside colours!

I will take a picture tomorrow and show you how it is going.

Now, I am going to bed and have a little think about my Giveaway. What a lovely way to start 2013. I often get inspiration in the early hours when I am having a little think... As you do!

I had to post about it tonight though because by the morning someone may have unsubscribed to my blog and I will have gone down the proverbial snake to 149 followers again. That has happened so much lately. The "sporty one " thinks it is really funny! Non crafty people have such a strange sense of humour!!!

Just before I go I recently posted about the delightful Blue Chair Diary Blog and my lovely internet friend who painted a picture of William's monkey. All she asked in return was a picture of William with his monkey and her picture. I was so happy to oblige and William loved his picture. So cute and such a kind gesture all the way from America.


  1. Sounds exciting! if you find my mojo can you e mail it back to me - it is MIA :(

  2. Happy 150!
    William looks adorable.
    Happy New Year.


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