Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Countdown begins but you are not too late!!

Everyone knows how hectic December is....
The lists begin, with countless alterations and amendments.
BUT ...
I really do try to keep calm and maintain a rhythm. A rhythm that works for me.I  like being single minded and I will not bow down to the commercialism that threatens to swamp everyone from September to December.
I do love Christmas though, and my answer is to try and make as many things as I can for everyone. They know I am quirky, and there is a sense of expectations from my parcels.Of course I am sure some of my presents will be greeted with a kind smile but  perhaps they do not contain exactly what is wanted.
An accompanying trusty cheque covers that scenario!
But, back to quirkiness. I always accompany my home made gifts with a little poem.which says if they are not exactly right to please pop them in my Charity Collection Box before they go home and languish in  a drawer.

Unbelievbly nothing has ever been left yet. Nor have I found anything tucked in drawers!

Of course one of the biggest challenges is thinking of new ideas every year. Thank goodness for the internet and my best friend Mr Google!

Well, this year I have been busy, busy, busy.

Cookery programmes have everything to tempt us. I really like to add simple little touches to the Cheffy members of the family. Here is a really simple idea to tuck in a stocking.

If you fancy making some flavoured salts here is a link.http://steamykitchen.com/125-making-your-own-flavored-salts.html
It takes about 2 minutes and it really looks pretty with a home made label and brown string.

The sewing machine has been out and I wanted to send something "across the pond" to our nephew and his American wife. They love decorating their tree and I thought these little patriotic hearts were perfect

I am making William's first stocking. Just little things filled with love and this little apron seemed perfect. If you want to make one you can find the pattern here http://blog.makezine.com/craft/free_childs_apron_pattern_from/

I just added the little pocket with a "W" just for William. I love the elasticated strap making for a quick escape when things get messy!

Of course my list of last minute jobs would not be complete without some hooky yarny stuff and I loved this pattern from http://thevelvetacorn.blogspot.co.uk/
First in a chunky yarn and a soft blue.

And again because you really do have time, in cream.

I love the little brown luggage labels which make a lovely finishing touch. They are from a little independent stationary shop locally.
I adapted the pattern to make a little one with cosy ear flaps for my great niece.Hope she likes it!

I think there may be some other home made goodies already packed but as always I have forgotten what they are! 
I hope you find 2 minutes to make something special for your loved ones or maybe just for you.


  1. Well Linda I make 21 Christmas gifts and have been doing that for about 6 years. Anything from jewelry, which I buy in kits from Annie's to taking beloved hoodies and making them into pillows. Crocheting scarves with stick pins to painting in acrylics or oils. What a wonderful place to share artistic skills.

  2. BTW is like that last crochet hat with ear flaps.

  3. Ooooh you are good. I love William's apron. I am sure he will have some happy times wearing that. xxx

  4. It is so special to have a homemade gift. You can feel the love and thought emanating from it for a long time after Christmas has passed. The elastic on the pinny is a great idea for little one. I have a pattern to make aprons from T-towels but I have yet to find T-towels I like but when I do I will adapt it to use elastic.
    Lily. xxx

  5. Linda, thanks so much for sharing your good ideas. You inspire me to follow your great example:) xx from Gracie

  6. Thank you all so much for such encouraging comments x

  7. Ohh I love all your handmade gifts. Unfortunately I don't know anyone in my family who would appreciate something handmade for Christmas, which is sad.


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