Sunday, 30 December 2012

Still thinking!

This morning 150 followers had grown to 151. That little ripple effect is working.

I will soon have to come up with something creative,hooky and interesting to blog about as I realise pictures of the gorgeous William may keep me happy all day but as cute as he is .... Well you know what I mean. This Grandma malarkey is just gorgeous.

Now I had a little sleepy think in the night last night about my forthcoming Giveaway and something to do with the New Year is definitely on the cards. I was thinking something to do with the number 13,but some people are suspicious .... So I will carry on thinking.

The Sporty One and I actually managed an hours walk this morning without a drop of rain. Bliss!
Bliss to be out,bliss to be dry and bliss not to be in a hospital visiting. We shall go later of course but I really do not like hospitals at all. Still, I should be grateful we are just visiting my dear Mother In Law and not there in bed!

Yesterday I had to get my hook out and banish the grey skies,rain,sadness etc. I can not believe what comfort a stick of metal and a ball of wool brings me. I love Granny squares best of all and I am loving this new creation. I was inspired by the lovely Bunny Mummy's blog. Pop in to her blog if you have not had a peep before,it is lovely.

I have spoken about the Stylecraft pack from Masons before. Oh the joy of working with a selection of wool which blends and tones no matter how you hook it. 100% enjoyment without any self doubt. Perfect!

Now, I just need to adjust the tension slightly to make sure the squares do not have unwanted Madonnas type protrusions. So annoying.


  1. Hope your m-in-l isimproving.I also love crocheting(and knitting)and I love doing blankets.Afan crafts in S Wales sell Stylecraft Special DK at £1.30 a ball and are very prompt with delivery.Shall I make myself number 152/I was thrilled to get to 50.You are doing really well.

    1. Thank you so much for popping in and the information about the wool shop. That is really kind. Please pop back often and ,yes, I have seen Lucy's lovely work. There is so much inspiration for us "hookers" on the Internet.
      Kindest regards

  2. I forgot to say ,have you looked at Attic24's blog.Very inspirational.

  3. Hi - I am a devotee of Stylecraft too and Little Son has spent so much time in our local wool shop that he actually knows all their colours off by heart (!). I am going to try out busybusybeejay's recommendation because the DK has gone up from £1.50 50 £1.99 in our shop. £1.30 is a great price.
    I hope your mum-in-law is on the mend. It must be a worrying and tiring time for you and your husband.
    I love the number 13 by the way - its my favourite number probably because I grew up in a house no 13. Lily. xxx

  4. Congrats on that ever-growing number of followers!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Congrats Linda on reaching 150 (159 now):)
    Love the blanket the colours are gorgeous it looks so nice and cheerful especially on a grey winters day. I must check out the info on the Stylecraft prices.
    Hope MIL recovers soon, and young William is a delight lovely little chap. Ax


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