Tuesday, 11 December 2012

She's gone! Woolly comfort to the rescue.

Like many fellow bloggers my ramblings on my blog are a real mixture.
Family,yarn.hooking,charity work and the ebbs and flows of life.
Our youngest daughter used to be so nervous she would not even stay at her Grandma's as she thought the cottage had a resident ghost. Now, we seem to spend a lot of our time saying tearful "Goodbyes" to her. Our tears I hasten to add.

Yesterday she flew to Miami to continue her work on the high seas. It will be her third Christmas away, and this year she will miss young William's first at our house.

My antidote to missing her is to clean,sort and tidy her room from top to bottom. Everything put straight. Everything just right. When I woke this morning and looked in it looked straight alright. Tidy,organised and straight. So different than the haphazard appearance it has when she is home. No hair straighteners, no shoes,no make up,no clothes any Mum knows exactly what I mean!!!

This morning straight and tidy made me miss her more than ever. So I turned to the one thing I know will always make me feel better.... Woolly goodness. Out came my special blanket. A present my dear daughter in law made me when William was born. I instantly felt better. And then when I looked on the Internet there waiting was a message from our daughter to say all was well and she was in a lovely hotel and the sun was shining.

Lovely, just lovely and very soon we will adjust to her being away once again and enjoy hearing about all her adventures!

I think the blanket may just stay on her bed until her return though. It fits the bill perfectly.


  1. The saying goes 'give them roots and wings' how wonderful your daughter found her wings and as much as you will miss her the experience she is having can never be under estimated. Hope you and yours have a wonderful time -where ever they are xx

  2. Our children are like pieces of our heart walking around outside our body. May your heart be safe on her adventures. xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say. I will remember this.

  3. I can only imagine what you feel when she leaves. I don't even like Little Son going out for a day trip without me because I miss him so much. I hope she has fun on her working trip. Lily. xxx

  4. Oh .... Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They have certainly managed to reduce me to tears again!!! Might have to go and give the blanket a quick cuddle xxx

  5. sending extra xxx during this transition, Linda :)
    from Gracie

  6. Thinking of you, I'm sure it's not easy when she's away but you must get pleasure from hearing about the great times she's having!


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