Monday, 24 December 2012

Everything has had to come to a stop!!!

The progress with the socks was going amazingly well.
We were all ready for Christmas,our first with William and then disaster struck!!!
Dear Mother In Law fell down the stairs and an ambulance had to be summoned .Sadly the X ray showed a broken hip and all this two days before Christmas.

Oh! to be 1 with no worries! William is blissfully unaware of everything.

So,it's take a day at a time and try and fit in some sock knitting.I am finding it amazingly soothing but I fear progress will be terribly slow.

I do want to say a huge "thank you" to my followers. I love your comments, I love your support and I am so hoping that I will soon reach 150 ... Surely it's time for a Chalky Giveaway to welcome 2013! I can guarantee it will not be a pair of socks!!

Happy Christmas to you and your families and my very best wishes for 2013!


  1. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear this about your Mother in law. I am hoping she is comfortable as soon as possible. I know she will be well looked after. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with Master William, he is going to have a happy time, bless him. xxx

  2. Hope Mum in law is comfortable and well looked after. That little man is getting into everything- literally - isnt he, so cute xx

  3. Your poor Mum in Law. Does this mean you won't be with William? Its so wet down there that it must be difficult travelling. Definitely sock making weather. I was horrified to see that poor lady hanging to a tree in Barnstaple waiting to be rescued - what a close call. Have a lovely Christmas and hope William enjoys himself. Lily. xxx

  4. Aww your poor mom in law, how awful :( Sending her speedy healing vibes!! I love your sock, it looks fabulous. I am very good at making 1 sock and then run out of steam. Merry Christmas. xx

  5. hiya,I,ve had to resort to my trusty laptop to leave a comment, tried on Ipad but all it wanted to do was cut, paste, share, oh well, better late than never, i do hope your mother in law is recovering well and it didn't upset your celebrations too much, love the self patterning socks,look forward to seeing the finished pair being worn

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sadly it has been a really difficult CHristmas with lots of bridges to cross with my mother in laws health . Just a day at a time right now xx

  7. I hope your MIL is a bit better now and everything is back to normal soon. Hope 2013 is better for you xx


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