Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sharing the love!

My family smile when I talk about my internet friends. They smile indulgently like I used to when they asked me to lay a place at the table for one of their imaginary friends.
But, I smile for an entirely different reason. My friends are not imaginary, and the kindness they bestow actually makes me feel like whooping, not just smiling.

Little parcels plop through my postbox filled with little flat hedgehogs just waiting for stuffing, a name and handsome features. These are sold at the Wildlife Centre nearby to help swell their funds and help within my Charity posting costs. So kind!

When William was born Suztats sent the most beautiful card made with tatting and love.
My friends on the MSE knitting thread crocheted Baby Converse trainers that were beyond me.
Cards arrived,welcoming our Grandson and I am always left with a warm feeling from such generous contact.

Now, William has a favourite toy, a monkey called " Narnars," even when he was tiny he only had to see the sweet little monkey and a wide smile would light up his face.

Alexandra, of the Blue Chair Diary blog and I have been such "friends" for a couple of years and if you have never seen her delicate,pretty,quirky artwork pop over to her blog and feast your eyes.

Well, she kindly offered to do something for me, and I thought of William and his love of the cute little monkey.

So,I was totally delighted when a little parcel dropped through the letterbox. When I opened it there was a watercolour picture. I framed it straight away and it is ready to pop on the wall in William's room.

What a lovely friend,a real friend!


  1. That's the wonderful thing about blogland: making friends we would never otherwise meet! Thanks for being my blogland friend. Hugs

    1. My sentiments exactly. Here we are with new Grandchildren in our lives and a real sense of friendship.xx

  2. I love the generosity of spirit I have found from my bloggy friends and when they send you a wee gift its not the cost its the thought and obviously Chalky you are amongst that number. My oh my,your boy is cuter everyday. xx hugs ginny

    1. Hi Ginny. Thank you so much. Lots of love x

  3. I would be lost without my blog friends. The picture is lovely and your grandson is sooo cute, I just want to squeeze him :)

  4. Thank you so much. I am glad you also find friendship on the Internet xx

  5. As you shared your delight in the lovely gift sent to you, I was delighted, too, Linda. Thanks!
    xx from Gracie


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