Thursday, 1 November 2012

Orange! The perfect breakfast colour.

I think if I was a story book character I would have to be Rapunzel !
All those formative years spent with brothers who used to give me a leg up over the wall to see if there was any good apples on our neighbours trees.
My brothers thought a little girl suddenly appearing would not herald a raid! I was at the total worship stage of my relationship with them at this time in my life. So I would willingly do anything to make them think that I was not just a nuisance!

So,this morning earlyI found myself tiptoeing across to my neighbours tree to pick some Satsumas for breakfast. Juicy and sweet, and it reminded me of all those years ago.I am so glad to say I have somewhat curbed my Rapunzel characteristics of late! As I was tiptoeing back agin I gave our neighbour a quiet thank you. She is in hospital right now but always asks us to help ourselves. Luckily today I am actually going to take her some when we visit her on our way to the airport. What a treat.

Thinking of the loveliness of orange reminded me of the blanket I am making right now. Another Mama blanket. And it is coming home to the UK with us today I am going to keep it wrapped round this mama to keep me warm as I hook!


  1. Safe journey home...this was a very sweet post...I hope your neighbour enjoyed her satsumas.

  2. Have a safe journey home. You will need that blanket, its getting chilly here now. xxx


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