Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chocolate and Coffee and Cream!!

When I am excited I often just want to get on with projects and can't be bothered with the mundane!!
This morning was such a time. I stayed in my PJ's way too long but nobody was here so,no worries.
I was excited because we are going to Bideford tomorrow. A visit to our son and daughter in law and of course the delicious William! Now, he is still too young for chocolate cake but his Mummy and Daddy are definitely not.

Then, with that done and dusted I decided to make Delia's Chocolate Torte to tuck in the freezer ...just a little forward planning for Christmas.

Part of the reason for all the early morning chocolateyness is I am never tempted to lick the bowl or beaters early in the morning!!! But, actually it is really because of the creamy part of this post. For years I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer and I am so pleased with my new creamy friend.
Wonderful. I wish I had splashed out years ago,but,then other things were always higher on the list!

The one thing I find amazing is that whatever else I am doing woolly love always creeps in. Overlapping all my other endeavours, as I was working I was thinking of a new Lappycuddlyghan.

I just had a short break before leaping in the shower and could not resist making the first square.

It really has captured my lovely morning perfectly. Chocolate, Coffee and Cream.
I am going to be very disciplined and sew in the ends as I complete each square and save all the little tails for the birds in the spring. Perfect colours methinks for a bit of chocolate nest building.

I am still struggling a little with blogging on my IPad. When I choose the photos to post they simply choose which order to make an appearance. It is never the order in which I select them. That seems without logic to me but I have no idea how to get round it.

Perhaps the answer is to eat chocolate cake and not worry!


  1. oh, yummy! Now, I want some chocolate, too! Torte, cake, and a delicious square. Mmmmm

  2. I love your square and the cake looks delicious!

  3. How spooky is that Im just making a coffee and cream throw as a Christmas pressie! You can e mail cake yer know lol

  4. love all your chocolate photos. so mr ipad is still not playing fair, strange but i've had the same problem, with my lap top tho,
    cannot delete pictures I don't want and even the Text is playing up, as if blogger has a mind of its own, maybe it has,

  5. I'm sure there's no such thing as too much chocolate! The cake looks delicious.


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