Friday, 16 November 2012

Cataract Operation done and dusted!

I think every person in the whole world would like to live with excellent,trouble free health all their life. Then, after a perfect meal, the best bar of chocolate and a glass of champagne topped off with a final cuddle with your loved ones fall asleep for ever.
That sounds pretty perfect to me especially if you have had a happy time along the pathway if life.

Well next year I am 60. I am not worried about numbers,there are enough funny cards around to bring a smile about that. I am, however puzzled as to how I have got to such a big number,but hey ho.

To get to the heart of this post yesterday I had a cataract operation. I was dreading it. I felt I was too young for such an operation and with the best of intentions everyone had a story to tell of someone who had a problem or they feel they have to make a gruesome comment about having something done to your eye. But, I wish I could stand on the highest rooftop with the biggest megaphone and shout that it is absolutely awesome. I felt no pain,I saw nothing and now my whole world feels shiny and new. I feel as if I have the cleanest and shiniest window out to the world!

So if you know anyone who is worrying about having a cataract operation show them this post.

I am just going to enjoy looking at beautiful things in a whole new light! And I think my Craftwork might be a bit neater than of late!


  1. That sounds fantastic. Shiny windows! xxx

  2. I am glad all went well and that your vision is like a shiny window - what a lovely analogy! xxx

  3. I'm glad your op went well - take care!

  4. Glad your op went ok. Sending you healing vibes :)

  5. Thank you so much for your kind encouraging comments xx

  6. Wonderful! So glad everything went well. My friend now has 20/20 vision in her eyes after her cataract op, and no longer needs to wear glasses. She is thrilled.
    I'll be celebrating the big 60 next year, too. Are you doing something special? Since it'll be our 40th anniversary, as well, we decided to go all out and take a trip to Australia. I'll get to see my DGD again! Yay!! Fingers crossed......

  7. Linda, I am celebrating your successful surgery, too! In his early 50s my husband had to have surgery on both of his eyes, but was so thrilled not to need glasses after 40 years of wearing them. And I am so glad you have had unexpected good visits with your family. My youngest daughter's wedding was beautiful last week...including the flowers:) Oh, and I enjoyed seeing the cheery blanket you are crocheting, too! Thanks for your posts. xx from Gracie

  8. I just both of my eyes *done*. Amazing isn't it?!!! The world is a much prettier place without the brown haze of cataracts. YeeHaw!!!!


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