Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chocolate and Coffee and Cream!!

When I am excited I often just want to get on with projects and can't be bothered with the mundane!!
This morning was such a time. I stayed in my PJ's way too long but nobody was here so,no worries.
I was excited because we are going to Bideford tomorrow. A visit to our son and daughter in law and of course the delicious William! Now, he is still too young for chocolate cake but his Mummy and Daddy are definitely not.

Then, with that done and dusted I decided to make Delia's Chocolate Torte to tuck in the freezer ...just a little forward planning for Christmas.

Part of the reason for all the early morning chocolateyness is I am never tempted to lick the bowl or beaters early in the morning!!! But, actually it is really because of the creamy part of this post. For years I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer and I am so pleased with my new creamy friend.
Wonderful. I wish I had splashed out years ago,but,then other things were always higher on the list!

The one thing I find amazing is that whatever else I am doing woolly love always creeps in. Overlapping all my other endeavours, as I was working I was thinking of a new Lappycuddlyghan.

I just had a short break before leaping in the shower and could not resist making the first square.

It really has captured my lovely morning perfectly. Chocolate, Coffee and Cream.
I am going to be very disciplined and sew in the ends as I complete each square and save all the little tails for the birds in the spring. Perfect colours methinks for a bit of chocolate nest building.

I am still struggling a little with blogging on my IPad. When I choose the photos to post they simply choose which order to make an appearance. It is never the order in which I select them. That seems without logic to me but I have no idea how to get round it.

Perhaps the answer is to eat chocolate cake and not worry!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sharing the love!

My family smile when I talk about my internet friends. They smile indulgently like I used to when they asked me to lay a place at the table for one of their imaginary friends.
But, I smile for an entirely different reason. My friends are not imaginary, and the kindness they bestow actually makes me feel like whooping, not just smiling.

Little parcels plop through my postbox filled with little flat hedgehogs just waiting for stuffing, a name and handsome features. These are sold at the Wildlife Centre nearby to help swell their funds and help within my Charity posting costs. So kind!

When William was born Suztats sent the most beautiful card made with tatting and love.
My friends on the MSE knitting thread crocheted Baby Converse trainers that were beyond me.
Cards arrived,welcoming our Grandson and I am always left with a warm feeling from such generous contact.

Now, William has a favourite toy, a monkey called " Narnars," even when he was tiny he only had to see the sweet little monkey and a wide smile would light up his face.

Alexandra, of the Blue Chair Diary blog and I have been such "friends" for a couple of years and if you have never seen her delicate,pretty,quirky artwork pop over to her blog and feast your eyes.

Well, she kindly offered to do something for me, and I thought of William and his love of the cute little monkey.

So,I was totally delighted when a little parcel dropped through the letterbox. When I opened it there was a watercolour picture. I framed it straight away and it is ready to pop on the wall in William's room.

What a lovely friend,a real friend!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hooking in the rain!!

The news is right it has not stopped raining for days.

Last year we undertook an extreme makeover on the house we have lived in for 25 years.
So many wonderful things are better,warmer,easier just lovely.
We moved to the back of the house and I love this view.

We married, and all our children were christened in the village church.
 I never tire of looking out over the fields and seeing the church nestled among the clouds.

But it has been very different this week!

Grey and wet. 
Relentless rain.

The little stream that trickles through the field next door started to flood the field!
We have seen it cover the whole field so no need for concern as yet!
Well. a bit of rain does not get me down.
As I get older I accept the faces of the weather as just a part of life.
A part I do not want to waste.
So my therapy is to get my trusty hook out and work with bright,zingy,sunshiney colours.

I have not made a chevron blanket for ages, and I am loving this one.
Soft cotton yarn and random stripey loveliness.

It is not finished yet and I have not been sewing in the threads as I have hooked!
But I don't mind sewing in so that is fine.

If you want to make one here is how I worked mine with a size 4.00 hook and double knit soft cotton. 

Tips on stitches .. tr3tog = ( Yarn over hook, insert hook in next stitch, yarn over hook and draw through, yarn over hook and draw through 2 loops on hook )3 times, yarn over hook and draw through all 4 loops on hook.This took me a while to get when I first tried a Chevron blanket. The answer for me was to realise you are working across 3 stitches -- I kept trying to work the decrease in the same stitch.

1.Work 163 chain.
2. Work 1 treble 4th chain from hook ( this counts as 2 trebles ) Work 1 treble in each of next 8 chain,(tr3tog, 1 treble in each of next 10 chain, 2 chain, 1 treble in each of next 10 chain )6 times, tr3tog, 1 treble in each of next 10 chain and turn.
3 . This is the pattern row. 3 chain (counts as 1 treble) 1 treble in each of first 9 stitches,( tr3tog, 1treble in each of next 9 trebles, work 1 treble,2 chain and 1 treble in the 2 chain space, 1 treble in each of next 9 trebles) 6 times, tr3tog, 1 treble in each of next 8 trebles, 2 trebles in top of 3 chain.

That is it ! Just work as many rows as you want and enjoy the zig zagging of colour , especially if it is raining with you too!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cataract Operation done and dusted!

I think every person in the whole world would like to live with excellent,trouble free health all their life. Then, after a perfect meal, the best bar of chocolate and a glass of champagne topped off with a final cuddle with your loved ones fall asleep for ever.
That sounds pretty perfect to me especially if you have had a happy time along the pathway if life.

Well next year I am 60. I am not worried about numbers,there are enough funny cards around to bring a smile about that. I am, however puzzled as to how I have got to such a big number,but hey ho.

To get to the heart of this post yesterday I had a cataract operation. I was dreading it. I felt I was too young for such an operation and with the best of intentions everyone had a story to tell of someone who had a problem or they feel they have to make a gruesome comment about having something done to your eye. But, I wish I could stand on the highest rooftop with the biggest megaphone and shout that it is absolutely awesome. I felt no pain,I saw nothing and now my whole world feels shiny and new. I feel as if I have the cleanest and shiniest window out to the world!

So if you know anyone who is worrying about having a cataract operation show them this post.

I am just going to enjoy looking at beautiful things in a whole new light! And I think my Craftwork might be a bit neater than of late!

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Generation Game!

When we arrived back in the UK we caught the train to Devon. As we travelled we thought of our youngest daughter far away in Italy and soon to be much farther in the USA.
Imagine our surprise when she was waiting for us at the station. She has been given some leave from her job whilst the yacht she is working on is shipped to Miami. Well, I cried. And then as we came into our house who came crawling to meet us but young William. Now,we were not expecting to see him until next weekend. So of course I cried some more. Such happy tears. Happy family tears.
Of course everyone gathered around and just loved being together.Perfect!!!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy Birthday with a difference!

Tomorrow it is a friends birthday. She is 21 again!!!!!!
She loves savoury food and not a fan of cake. Well it is a very special birthday .. You know one that ends with a big fat zero and a birthday where you try to ignore the preceeding number! Well a cake is essential!
Well, look what the other friend in our merry threesome has made for her. A perfect cake for a pretty perfect friend!
Layers of different cheeses and "iced" with grapes and dates.
She will love it!
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Orange! The perfect breakfast colour.

I think if I was a story book character I would have to be Rapunzel !
All those formative years spent with brothers who used to give me a leg up over the wall to see if there was any good apples on our neighbours trees.
My brothers thought a little girl suddenly appearing would not herald a raid! I was at the total worship stage of my relationship with them at this time in my life. So I would willingly do anything to make them think that I was not just a nuisance!

So,this morning earlyI found myself tiptoeing across to my neighbours tree to pick some Satsumas for breakfast. Juicy and sweet, and it reminded me of all those years ago.I am so glad to say I have somewhat curbed my Rapunzel characteristics of late! As I was tiptoeing back agin I gave our neighbour a quiet thank you. She is in hospital right now but always asks us to help ourselves. Luckily today I am actually going to take her some when we visit her on our way to the airport. What a treat.

Thinking of the loveliness of orange reminded me of the blanket I am making right now. Another Mama blanket. And it is coming home to the UK with us today I am going to keep it wrapped round this mama to keep me warm as I hook!