Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mama Bags!

I have often blogged about Loving Hands Charity knitting group.
Lou Jaap the founder of this wonderful organisation publishes challenges every quarter.
They are varied and encompass a lot of folk who need help.
I try and send a contribution if I can and this time I was interested in Mama Bags!
Here is what Lou had to say...
I have been having a conversation with the Hattons who represent Greenfields Africa – the Shires groups have been donating a lot of aid directly to this amazing charity already and after much deliberation I have decided to throw the weight of the main group behind the ‘Mama Bags’ project that they are doing for Ugandan mums and babies. Here is what Barbara Hatton had to say in a letter about it ;-

‘More and more babies are being born in Africa without AIDS, they have a normal life expectancy, so they need what we think of as normal baby clothes.

To try to reduce the mortality rate of babies and mothers in childbirth, the pregnant mothers are encouraged to attend 3 antenatal classes (where they are also tested for AIDS) they are then entitled to a Mama bag in their last month of pregnancy.

A Mama bag consists of

a cotton baby vest,
a cotton baby grow,
a woollen hat
a woollen cardigan or jumper (Fish & Chip vest acts as a jumper)
woollen bootees / socks
a blanket.

We soon return to the UK and I will be having a look for some vests and baby grows to tuck in the Mama Bags. But travelling with me on our flight will be a blanket. I have really enjoyed making it.The colours have brightened my days and I love the effect of just joining the coloured squares together without a neutral border around each one.
Can you see the little loop of satin ribbon I have stitched in one corner. As I have been hooking I have been visualising a little baby on it's Mama's back and finding a little bit of ribbon to cuddle. When my children were little that was their favourite part of a cuddly blanket.
And I love Granny Squares so much.

Perhaps you may feel inspired to have a look at the challenges that have been posted on Loving Hands this month.


  1. Thank you for posting about this lovely outreach. I am certain the blanket you contributed will be treasured, and the ribbon is a wonderful idea. My latest Grand just received a little soft square blanket with ribbon tabs along the boarder, and I suspect it will be a favorite for her :) xx from Gracie

  2. I love the idea of providing a 'Mama' pack. I shall look into it when I get back from Skye. Happy to take you down memory lane!

  3. Gorgeous blanket Linda nice and bright for a little one, the comfort ribbon is a great idea

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