Monday, 29 October 2012

In Love!

We can not believe how lucky we are to have this gorgeous little fellow in our lives.
William is 10 months old now and has just got his passport.
I suppose it is a bit early to be getting excited about his first visit to our house in Spain next April. Well of course I know it is, but I am anyway!
But, first we have cuddles booked when we return to the UK soon.


  1. Bless him. What a gorgeous boy. My 16 yr old bought a couple of shirts just like William's today. xxx

  2. He looks very precious indeed! Yesterday I typed to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your latest blanket and learning more about the Mama Bags project, but I must have hit the wrong button because my comment disappeared...sigh :) So I am trying again!! xx from Gracie

  3. How lovely that he will be visiting you in Spain - will you all travel in the Sunshine bus? xxx

  4. Oh, he's gorgeous, Linda! And who wouldn't fall in love with such an adorable fellow? It's a wonderful age, when the little ones begin exploring more of their world and all the wonders in it. It's fascinating to see the world through their eager of the many things I introduced Jewel to during their visit was scotch tape. She had so much fun playing with it and marveling over it's stickiness, pressing it onto different surfaces (including my nose!) and taking it off again. Simple joys, and happy natures.........

  5. Thank you all for such lovely comments about young William. I will definitely try the sticky tape xx


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