Monday, 17 September 2012

Update on Ipad battle and lets upload Dartmouth again.

Now, I took my new Ipad off the naughty step and went to see my son,daughter-in-law and the gorgeous William for the weekend. Now my son has had an Iphone for a while and is of course nearly half my age so he soon put me right! 
Whether I can remember it all is another issue. But how wonderful these apps are -- Add a Blogger app and you are back on track and I can now blog to me hearts content! Also Instagram allows you to create wonderful  pictures and thanks to the App "Around me"  I can find my closest amenity from coffee shop to Library. So all good.----- We had a test run and I posted a random picture from my camera roll and when I went to delete it I deleted my last post about Dartmouth!! So it is one step forwards and 3 back!!
So I will re-post those lovely pictures and I am so sorry to have also deleted the encouraging comments that were left by some of my great followers.

So I guess it is Mr Ipad 1 Chalky 1!
Of course the Brucie Bonus obtained by spending time getting Ipad tuition in Bideford is that we also get to see young William! Nearly 9 months old. The time has whizzed by and talking of whizzing he is now crawling everywhere and getting into everything!

How lovely that even in this technologically advanced world he is still loving books!


  1. glad you got the better of mr ipad, wonderfull photos, thankyou

    1. Thanks Joan-- I think it is going to be a steep learning curve xx

  2. Please share the App!! My computer is very tired and my only access is via IPad ATM :-)
    William is so cute. Lucky iPad gave you an excuse to visit :-)

  3. Hi Maria --I downloaded the Blogger App and it is working just fine -- May have tp post every day for a while to make sure the pathway is firmly embedded in my brain! If I can be of any more help you can always email me
    Love Linda

  4. Bravo, Linda! So glad you are not giving up on Mr. iPad :) Thanks for posting!
    Gracie :)

  5. William is a cutie pie! We have had our iPhones since last year (no iPad....YET) and I love it. I love the apps. I loaded Blogger and BlogPress and because I take most of my photos with my iPhone I just post from my iPhone. I do like to go into my MAC and clean up the posting then publish. I use Signature+ to watermark my photos. Hubby and I both have the game app "Tiny Tower" and am having fun playing it.


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