Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trying to get close and comfy with Ravelry!

My technical abilities are limited. I try, give up, forget what to do, try again and often end up in very random places in cyberspace!

But I am very prolific with my woolly pursuits and when I revisited my little,tiny place on Ravlery I could not believe I only had 1 project to show for all this hookines. And that project was a selection of baby bootees -very sweet ones but not indicative of what I blog about. So I tried again and I have had some success.

Yes, I have pictures and I was proud that I managed to showcase my pretty daisies- If you have not noticed them there is a tutorial on my sidebar

The gorgeous hedgehogs are also making an appearance!

But I have such a long way to go before I am singing and dancing and close up and comfy with Ravelty. Have any of my lovely followers got any tips to help me along the way Perhaps I could send a little daisy bookmark to anyone kind enough to leave any advice!


  1. Sorry Linda my technical abilities are far less than yours! but I like the flowers and the hedgehog!

  2. Hi linda, I am still learning to get to grips with Rav myself, but everyone is very helpful have you had a look at the SIBOL forum? thats where I am usually, and you will find a few other friends there too.

  3. hiya, just visited you on ravelry, great work just keep on doing what you are doing now, i did a few swaps on ravelry, when i first signed up , and they kept me busy, great fun to do if you like that sort of thing

  4. I really liked Ravelry for keeping tabs on my projects. Entering your hook size and yarns and any helpful hints has helped me when questions come up. Plus you can tie your blog postings to any project. I just found an iPhone app that links to Ravelry that lets me download directly from my iPhone into Ravry.


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