Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The beautiful Christchurch on an Autumn morning.

I have some dear friends. Friends that I have known for many,many years the sort of friend who is just always there. You are always together even when you are apart.
So last weekend we traveled to Dorset to celebrate a 60th birthday. How one of my friends became 60 we are still puzzling over!
On Saturday morning the sun was shining and we went out in search of a cup of coffee.Time to sit and catch up,time to plan and time to have a wander. And Christchurch in Dorset was pretty perfect for all three. Go if you can!

 The "Sporty One" never thinks a celebration is complete without some fireworks! His birthday is on November the 5th and I am seriously considering in the natural due course of time sending his ashes up in a rocket! The most fitting tribute I can think of. He has not disagreed thus far!

Happy Birthday dear friend!


  1. Everywhere looks so much better in the sunshine, doesn't it? Especially early autumn.

  2. Wonderful pics! I can fancy myself in them enjoying a perfect day!


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