Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Super Service!

Of course we are thinking about our return to Spain. Like Swallows we are ready to fly south!
We have a family wedding to attend this weekend and I love weddings. Especially lovely weddings and this one is at Dartington Hall. The next few blog posts will be all about wedding loveliness. I am still fairly calm about doing all the flowers and bunting!

But with our Spanish life in mind I decided to order some wool from Masons. They stock Stylecraft DK and I want to make a Chevron Lappycuddlyghan whilst I am away. When I saw their offer I thought it just perfect. They select 17 balls of wool in a colour palette that matches,blends and tones. Just what I needed to give my colour choosing confidence levels a boost.

I only ordered them on Sunday and the squidgy parcel arrived today.

Better than I expected. Quicker than I expected and really just about perfect. 

Now, all I have to do is somehow fit it into my pullalong Cabin Bag. The "Sporty One" is looking doubtful. But I am sure I will manage. After all he will surely have enough room for a homeless ball or two.

I was talking to a friend about this way of selecting colours and she said that artists always use a colour palette on one of the colour spectrums. I had not thought about it in that way but I think that may help my confidence too.

Now all that is left is using my willpower to resist starting it and continue with finishing all the half finished projects that have been pulling faces at me for weeks!

Awaiting our return are these little fellows. An array or prickle who I hope will hibernate gently until they are needed to help at The Devon Wildlife Centre. My online friends have been helping me this summer and little packets of flat hedgies have been arriving. And with just a little bit of TLC they soon become Hannah or Harry!

The kindness people show really is what makes life special.


  1. Lovely colors of yarn, Linda! It will be fun to see what you fashion with it. I started crocheting a sienna toned pumpkin this evening. Happy traveling!
    :) Gracie

  2. Love these little fellas...where can I get the pattern?.. Trying to raise money for GOSH in memory of my friends son.


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