Monday, 3 September 2012

I wonder ---

I am wondering which yarn to use to make the softest,lightest,cuddliest blanket in the whole world for a special one of these!

I want it to be washable and hopefully a blanket that becomes a bit of an heirloom. Any ideas would be very welcome.


  1. Oooh I always think Sirdar Snuggly is a brilliant baby blanket yarn. It is an acrylic/nylon blend so not natural fibres but stands up to washing really well without losing it's snuggly quality :) xxx

    1. I'm using that atm to make a lovely cuddly toy for a baby, and it is super soft :) I do find it a bit fiddly to crochet with though - the fluffiness makes it difficult to see your stitches!
      Helen x

  2. THank you so much for that information. I wil have a look x

  3. Hi Linda, I like king cole baby yarn, I made this one with it and it is lovely and soft :)

  4. For a very special baby, have you tried Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino? It's super soft and snuggly and machine washable. You could make a fair sized blanket with about six balls, which would cost roughly £24.

    I've got some so can recommend it's texture and it's suitability for crochet but I haven't finished my project yet so can't comment on how it washes up. x


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