Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Huffin,puffing and getting a little fractious with Mr Ipad

I know I am nearly 60. I know I am not very techie and I know that I have a lot to learn.
Now,it is not very often that I treat myself but I love my blog and I love posting pictures most of all so I decided to splash out and move onto technological pastures new!

The Ipad 3 landed on my mat all the way from America! I was so pleased to see it arrive safely and looking sleek and super neat!

As it only has a folded sheet of paper for instructions I was really happy and loving the stickers!
Once a teacher of " littlies" always thinking of " littlies!"

I am always optimistic. Especially about the "Sporty Ones " ability to point me in the right direction and with encouraging words like this from Mr Apple I was really happy.

And I loved having a look at the App Store. Exactly up my street, imaging Apps. collages,effects,shapes and everything to keep a girl happy.
Then Spotify. I really liked that idea and when I have time I will go through all my CD'S and just upload the one good track which makes the CD worth keeping!

Then on jumped Facebook and other comfy sites so I went off to bed really happy,

Then the next day I started to do what I love best -- a little bit of blogging. I took a picture on the amazing new toy. Why hasn't it got an inbuilt memory card reader like my trusty laptop? Still onwards and upwards. And then next following my trusty route onto Chalky's World I tried to post about the flowers I had just picked on the most beautiful Autumn morning. Well I came to a dead stop and I am still there. I have tried, the " Sporty One" who knows nothing about blogging even tried to help but it was impossible for me to simply upload the picture I had taken on my new Ipad to Blogger. The little box which says " Choose files" is not there! I put it away last night in it's new case-- Good old ebay!

In it's new bag-- I am good at those!

And just for now I am not talking to Mr I Pad at all! So frustrating.
I think part of the problem is a very unusual lobe in my brain. Who else looks at an empty IPad box and wonders how many cake cases you could fit in it for a present to a special someone on his birthday!

So the score so far MrIpad 1 , Chalky a big fat zero! If anyone can point me in the right direction so that I can post a picture straight from my picture files to Blogger I would be ever so grateful and I will take said IPad out of the naughty cupboard and try to make friends again!lease let me know and I will get the said  item out of the naughty cupboard!


  1. My advice would be to ask someone in the the 10 - 12 yrs age bracket...they always put me right with technological issues! They have a really matter of fact speedy way of explaining things too and don't leave you feeling patronised. I have only tinkered on an ipad and worry they will break! xxx

  2. Linda, don't give up!!! I am 61 and have had an iPad 2 for less than a year. I am still learning how to use it, but I do use it every day, and have done one post to Blogger on it so far. Have you downloaded the Blogger+ app to your iPad? That is what I used. My post was Testing iPad Blogging: Seeing Spring 3/22/12. Cheering you on!!! Gracie

  3. oh oh i was seriously considering treating myself to one, and i,m nearly sixty, but if you can't upload photos to a blog whats the point, might as well carry on with my trusty laptop,


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