Thursday, 27 September 2012


The bride can choose!
My niece wants the simplest flowers -- a mix, blend and combination of green and white. I liked that idea and as September has been marching daily forwards with the ferocity of a caged lion. I have been watching the leaves and trees like a hawk. Autumn, please wait a while to reveal your palette of orange and brown!

Today I went to her family home and went around the garden where she was born and  used to play and, snipped and clipped. Every little bit of green was collected and it seemed the perfect backdrop to the decorations which will begin in earnest tomorrow.

 So, the backdrop is in place and now all I have to do is sleep well assured that the white flowers I need will be there for me --- and if that comes true it will be mission accomplished -- Wedding flowers, lots of them, beautiful bouquets, table and pillar decorations all for a sensible cost. A Devonshire cost, a family cost, a loving tribute to a very special young lady who has never forgotten her roots.


  1. Hiya love your photos, can't wait to see the finished products,

    1. Thank you so much Joan. I have a lovely day ahead and will post about it later x

  2. Linda, I just got off the phone with a friend who has agreed to help with flowers for my youngest daughter's November 10, 2012, wedding! Then I read your post and was encouraged by your current experience. Thanks for posting! Gracie :)

  3. Gracie -- Thank you so much. Next stage later today!!

  4. Hi Linda - I had a homemade wedding and it made it all the more special. Can't wait to see the final flowers. Lily. xxx


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