Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bright and Beautiful.

I usually tend to choose colours from the blue spectrum. The colours inspired by the sea and sky.

 But as they say " A change is as good as a rest!" It has been busy here but I always make time for a little bit of hooking. The Sunshine Bus is a good place! The " Sporty One " loves me being occupied as he hates being driven by anyone but I suspect especially me! So on the way to Center Parcs I started a new project.

I really enjoyed making the mitred square lappycuddllyghan in blues for a little baby boy due very soon.

Well it had to be in blues didn't it! I do love Granny Squares and these mitred ones just ring the changes a little bit! So with a different approach to the colours I was off!

Well, there is a bit of blue but this lappy certainly looks a lot more vibrant than my usual creations. And, I am liking it. I am also determined to really be persistent with the border. I can be so lazy just doing a few circuits of double crochet. I wonder why I love finishing things so much that I lose steam as the last stitch is in sight!

Early September is always a busy time for me. Lots of birthdays, special ones too. And even though I am now so happily retired-- Ha,Ha -- I just typed rewired by accident but, I believe that could also be true!! Anyway I seem to get twitchy in the first week of September. All those years teaching and all that organisation of the "littlies" as they took their first tentative steps into life at school!

So, today I started the present wrapping! A while back I made these two cushions for my brother who has just refurbished his lounge.

These are made with big Granny squares worked to be the same size as a cushion pad. Add a back with an envelope opening and some lovely buttons.

And then I bundled them together with some ribbon I fell in love with in Totnes. Totnes is such a lovely little town near us.Unusual independent shops selling everything you could wish for.

Well the ribbon says it all. Handmade with Love!

All wrapped and ready. Phew! One job done. I hope he likes them.

So, now I must get on with that border in a slow ,measured, patient manner!


  1. Beautiful crochet, love the mitred grannies. Im sure those cushions will be appreciated!


  2. Oooh I especially love the orange and green cushions and the detailing on the back is very cute :)


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