Sunday, 30 September 2012

Flowers for the wedding.

The Big Day!
The Flowers!
My niece and I have been making the sweetest conversations about flowers for weeks. She wanted white flowers with greenery to complement her wedding setting. Her main wish was that they should be simple,understated and gently arranged. I really liked that idea.
Because she was the least stressy bride I have ever met I actually enjoyed doing the flowers and bunting for her wedding.
The beautiful Dartington Hall was bathed in sunshine yesterday and everything was perfect. Her long awaited wedding day!
I really enjoyed creating 10 table decorations,2 pillar arrangements and 3 bouquets.There was just enough blooms to make buttonholes for our little party.

I tucked the little knitted hearts I have been busy making over the last few weeks amongst the blooms and our spare room was turned into a flower shop for twenty four hours!

These table decorations were to surround a storm lantern with a white candle twinkling in the great hall which was built in the 1300's.

My niece looked stunning -- not your obvious bride, but she looked beautiful and so happy!

Once you saw that stunning bejewelled dress you can see why she wanted a simple hand tied bouquet.

The sweet little bridesmaid had a posy too!

I had made 2 pillar decorations to enhance the atrium where the ceremony took place.

And they looked lovely.

Friends of the bride and groom serenaded them and entertained us all!

The yards of white bunting I have been sewing added a lovely touch. It really did feel like a party as well as a wedding!
Pennants waving in the entrance to the Great Hall 

So all that was left was to get our little family ready and in the mood to celebrate. There were just enough flowers for a buttonhole each! How we missed our youngest daughter who is out on the high seas just now!

And look who was watching from behind the scenes checking on quality control!

I am going to dedicate the next few posts on my blog to these floral pieces with step by step instructions about making the various things which made a special day even more special.
But tonight it is going to be an early night as we recover from all the excitement and a little bit of Dad dancing by the "Sporty One!"

Thursday, 27 September 2012


The bride can choose!
My niece wants the simplest flowers -- a mix, blend and combination of green and white. I liked that idea and as September has been marching daily forwards with the ferocity of a caged lion. I have been watching the leaves and trees like a hawk. Autumn, please wait a while to reveal your palette of orange and brown!

Today I went to her family home and went around the garden where she was born and  used to play and, snipped and clipped. Every little bit of green was collected and it seemed the perfect backdrop to the decorations which will begin in earnest tomorrow.

 So, the backdrop is in place and now all I have to do is sleep well assured that the white flowers I need will be there for me --- and if that comes true it will be mission accomplished -- Wedding flowers, lots of them, beautiful bouquets, table and pillar decorations all for a sensible cost. A Devonshire cost, a family cost, a loving tribute to a very special young lady who has never forgotten her roots.

Just making a start on the Preparations for the big day!

Love Hearts!

Getting ready!

A wedding is all about love and the treasured symbol of love has to be the heart. So, I have just been making a start on my favourite shape ---- in woolly loveliness of course!

These little white hearts are going to be tucked in amongst the table centrepieces at the wedding on Saturday. The bride to be is on the train from London down to her hometown and then further on to a little Hamlet nearby!

She was born there,grew up there and her family have always lived there. What a lovely way to prepare for her big day!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Super Service!

Of course we are thinking about our return to Spain. Like Swallows we are ready to fly south!
We have a family wedding to attend this weekend and I love weddings. Especially lovely weddings and this one is at Dartington Hall. The next few blog posts will be all about wedding loveliness. I am still fairly calm about doing all the flowers and bunting!

But with our Spanish life in mind I decided to order some wool from Masons. They stock Stylecraft DK and I want to make a Chevron Lappycuddlyghan whilst I am away. When I saw their offer I thought it just perfect. They select 17 balls of wool in a colour palette that matches,blends and tones. Just what I needed to give my colour choosing confidence levels a boost.

I only ordered them on Sunday and the squidgy parcel arrived today.

Better than I expected. Quicker than I expected and really just about perfect. 

Now, all I have to do is somehow fit it into my pullalong Cabin Bag. The "Sporty One" is looking doubtful. But I am sure I will manage. After all he will surely have enough room for a homeless ball or two.

I was talking to a friend about this way of selecting colours and she said that artists always use a colour palette on one of the colour spectrums. I had not thought about it in that way but I think that may help my confidence too.

Now all that is left is using my willpower to resist starting it and continue with finishing all the half finished projects that have been pulling faces at me for weeks!

Awaiting our return are these little fellows. An array or prickle who I hope will hibernate gently until they are needed to help at The Devon Wildlife Centre. My online friends have been helping me this summer and little packets of flat hedgies have been arriving. And with just a little bit of TLC they soon become Hannah or Harry!

The kindness people show really is what makes life special.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The beautiful Christchurch on an Autumn morning.

I have some dear friends. Friends that I have known for many,many years the sort of friend who is just always there. You are always together even when you are apart.
So last weekend we traveled to Dorset to celebrate a 60th birthday. How one of my friends became 60 we are still puzzling over!
On Saturday morning the sun was shining and we went out in search of a cup of coffee.Time to sit and catch up,time to plan and time to have a wander. And Christchurch in Dorset was pretty perfect for all three. Go if you can!

 The "Sporty One" never thinks a celebration is complete without some fireworks! His birthday is on November the 5th and I am seriously considering in the natural due course of time sending his ashes up in a rocket! The most fitting tribute I can think of. He has not disagreed thus far!

Happy Birthday dear friend!