Sunday, 26 August 2012

What no flowers!!!

The house always likes a bit brighter when there are flowers around!

 This week a lovely friend bought me some Gladioli. And they have looked so beautiful,brightening a corner.

But sometimes there are no flowers in the garden. And no trip to town to the market stall I love. But I still love to have a little something brightening the corners. I popped these little windmills in a glass with a crochet band. I can't stop looking at them and an added bonus---- no wilting!

I popped them by the door. And they even spun around in the breeze. They looked so pretty.

I have used these little crochet bands to decorate so many things and I love them. The perfect finishing touch.

In another little corner I keep a photo of my Mum and Grandma and close by I tucked a twig of twisted beech and hung some pretty little hearts made with little scraps of yarn using this pattern. I love them.

I love weddings. I always cry and just enjoy seeing everyone having such a lovely time. Over the years we have been lucky enough to go to lots of weddings and in late September my niece is getting married and I am in charge of lots of Arty, Crafty bits and pieces. I am really calm about it all so far but I am sure I will soon be blogging about panic setting in! Perhaps not, we shall see.I am following the little heart theme for the wedding and am knitting lots of white hearts to add to the table centrepieces.

 Well, whilst I was not watching a little bit of cream jumped onto my needles by mistake, so a lovely cream heart has joined my lovey set. I popped it in a vase,first on it's own. It looks so lovely against the dark purple wall.

But even if there are no flowers in the garden there are is always some pretty leaves. These from the geranium look so structurally pretty. I don't think we have had enough sunshine to make many blooms. What a shame because they are so pretty. Perhaps next year!

So if you have any sad little corners and no flowers please have a go at my ideas or share some of yours. I would love to see them.


  1. I have a few pairs of Bamboo and wooden Knitting needles which I keep in a rose vase
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What lovely gladioli! So showy and 'blousey'! Your house must be really pretty with all your little bits and bobs around, even with no flowers! It's true about the lack of flowers this year. I do have a few, but I've only had ONE vase of sweet peas this year! Terrible!

  3. I love the idea of those windmills - so pretty and colourful and they won't have my eyes streaming and my nose running.

    And as for those hearts, how pretty are they?

  4. love the idea with the windmills and your band and little hearts are so sweet. im itching to stitch. blessings, trills.:-)


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