Sunday, 19 August 2012

Passmore Edwards gets an Update!

Newton Abbot is home. My home town for nearly 60 years so I am used to it. I love some of the architecture. It is special. It has always been there and it hold my roots,my memories and a sense of permanence that is me.
One of the places that makes me feel this way is the library.The Passmore Edwards Building.

 My goodness it has changed so much over the years but it still looks exactly the same from the outside.

Lately it has undergone a complete refurbishment and I decided to pop in to have a look.

Gone are the fuddy duddy rows of shelves full of books!

The children's section is behind glass doors so no shouts of silence echo these halls!

A place to browse and check you have the right books to inspire!

Well I was happy to have a good look at the shelf devoted to Craft Books and I am loving my choices so far!
The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jnae Brocket-- Well anyone who talks of knitting and a glass of wine has got to be a serious read!

Simple Knits for Easy Living by Erica K.night

First Crochet by Lesley Stanfield.

And because the summer is slipping away and Autumn days will soon be here.
100  Jams,jellies,preserves and pickles by Gloria Nicol.

I had forgotten how good it is to sit and just gently browse through a book realising fully that you may only embark on one project. You may only try one recipe, but this feeling is not accompanied by the frustration that you know you will never try many more. The huge blanket all made from single crochet and knowing full well the book has cost as much as the wool.
And of course these days you can serve yourself with the latest wizardry and renew your books-- up to 12 at a time online! So no more sweating about overdue fines!

So I do not know what Passmore Edwards would think to the new library.

But I am seriously impressed.
If you would like to read a bit more about him and his gift to the town of Newton Abbot have a look here.
I think he understood what was needed in a good town like Newton Abbot and I am glad his legacy continues to grow and develop in these modern times!


  1. You will love "The Gentle Art of Knitting" and the Erica Knight book I got them both from the Book People at a very reasonable price but I agree we sometimes spend lots on books for only one project.
    When my three daughters were small we had camping holidays in Devon and I remember visiting Newton Abbott and having a lovely day - didn't check out the library though :)

    1. Dear Sweetpea -- I am enjoying the Gentle Art of knitting I am almost inspired enough to try my first pair of socks!!
      Thanks for popping in.

    2. Hope they work out - thats something I haven't tried. I did knit the slouchy hat which worked well. Many thanks for your comments on my Facebook page :)

  2. hi linda, ive been reading all your lovely blogs and am now a follower. i am a bit of a book fiend and do have jane brockets gentle art of patchwork. yummy. needless to say i have yet to make something from it, but wait. im interested in your chariry blankets and that is one darling grandson you have. great to mwet you. blessings, trills.:-)

    1. Thank you so much trills. And a special thank you for becoming a follower -- I have been stuck on 136 for ages!!!
      Thank you for kind comments about the charity blankets -- I am hooking one just now and love how they suddenly become something which gives so much pleasure. William is scrummy and thank you for thinking so!
      Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Linda, I'm so glad you came over to Brookhollow lane. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Your new(old ) library is wonderful and the architecture is so pretty. I hope you show more of your town. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for popping in. I am going to blog soon about a very lovely place nearby. Hope you call back to see.
      Kindest Regards Linda


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