Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Guests arriving for a meal in 2 minutes!

You know the scenario.

People are arriving for a meal and you are rushing around like a headless chicken.
Too much time spent blogging methinks!
Anyway, the answer to this dilemma is to always lay the table early.
Even the day before if you have time.
Oh what a Domestic Goddess!

Yes, well, let's get back to the real world!
Guests arriving and no flowers to make the table look pretty.

2 Minutes of time.

Slice a lemon and pile in a glass!
Of course you could easily slice a lime or orange.
It really is as easy as pie and looks refreshing and colourful.

To ring the changes use a vase within a vase to give a layered effect!

So the next time you are pretending to be a chicken without a head give it a try.

If you have an extra few minutes pop some flowers in the top!

Or add some ribbons.

Simple,quick,refreshing,fragrant and just so simple and pretty.


  1. Hi Linda, Delighted to meet you, I really appreciate you dropping by Pen and Paper.

    Such a wonderfully creative blog you have here, I've enjoyed my visit. Best wishes, PW.

    1. Thank you so much for such an encouraging comment. I really appreciate that.
      Kindest Regards Linda

  2. What a good idea Linda it look so pretty :)


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