Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cornflour Goo and William!

When I used to work with the "Littlies" we used to do a lot of Sensory activities in the Nursery.
The water tray would of course be filled with all sorts of coloured water, bubbles and containers galore.
The sand tray would host pasta, jelly, lentils, rice and anything else we could think of but one of the all time favourites was Cornlour goo!!!!

Now, William has been going to baby sensory classes and loving them. He has had so much fun with lots of different activities and singing. Because he was on holiday here with us this last week he missed one of his classes.
Of course I did not have to be persuaded to fill in the space. Luckily the sun was shining and I had a big box of cornflour in the cupboard.Of course William is only seven months old so most of his sensory explorations involve his mouth! But we did have lots of fun!

Some very careful looking first.

 But, maybe a little touch.

He has really started blowing raspberries and that was his initial reaction to all that white powdery stuff.

 Gradually adding the water made it so much more inviting!Just add a little at a time to get the right amount of Gooiness.
William thought it should of course go straight into his mouth!

 Do try it. Even the grown ups found it fascinating as it is called Goo for a very good reason. It is almost dry even when it is in the water! William watched it trickling really carefully.

And had such fun!

The next port of call was the paddling pool. Lots of bubbles. And within a minute all the goo was gone and he was as clean as a whistle and totally absorbed in some other lovely toys.

Telling his Auntie Lindsay all about it later made him laugh.

Now making Cornflour Goo is probably best undertaken in the garden and a paddling pool straight after the best possible antidote to the mess.


  1. My children always loved this activity too! We call it 'gloop'!!
    Gorgeous pics of William!

  2. What a handsome chap, even covered in 'Goo'. He does look like a big boy for seven months the way he really was fascinated with the activity. Great photographs. I use 'Green Goo' with children up to 11 years old they love it. The last photograph with Auntie Lindsay is adorable...such a happy fella. :) x

  3. This is such a fantastic idea. My little girl is only 8 months and I've been wondering what sort of more interesting things we could do together :) William looks such a happy baby! xxx

  4. Those photos are great. And the goooo! Brilliant.I love seeing children learn. jenx

  5. How fun!! He really looks like he enjoyed himself. I need to do some sensory bins with my son, I bet he'd love the cornflour goo!! :):)


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